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Wedded Bliss – the Amazing Results of our Survey!

04/03/10 • Archive

We asked 4000 married couples when they were happiest and found an interesting pattern emerged. It turns out that the most settled time for wedding bliss is just 3 weeks before the 3rd wedding anniversary (the symbol of which is leather, in case you were interested!) This near-3 year stage in marriage is when most… read more

Pop star Tony Hadley marries Alison

05/08/09 • Archive

Pop star Tony Hadley has tied the knot with his long-time partner Alison Evers at a private ceremony in Berkshire. The 49-year-old frontman for the 1980s band Spandau Ballet has been with his wife for six years. The couple have a two-year-old daughter Zara. The wedding at Cliveden House was said to have been attended… read more

Finding the perfect fabric

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Wedding Dresses

Whether it’s duchess satin, chiffon or silk, matters when you’re making your wedding dress so consider your options and make a unique wedding dress everyone will love and be so impressed you made yourself. Brocade Brocades have rich weaves with raised designs, in either the same or contrasting colours. Rich and magnificent, brocades are perfect for… read more

Made just for you

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Wedding Dresses

Should you hire a dressmaker, or even go for couture? If you’re lucky enough to know or find a skilled dressmaker, try looking on the Confetti Supplier Directory  you have a choice of approaches. You might find a pattern you like, and have them make it up for you. Or, if you know a very… read more

Your wedding dress countdown

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Wedding Dresses

Finding your perfect dress is a big project. Here’s how to plan for it… Timing ‐‐ how long do you need? Rather like house‐hunting, dress‐buying is not something you can generally do casually. Even if you love the first dress you see, unless you are seriously busy or allergic to shopping you’ll want to look… read more

How to choose the perfect wedding dress

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties, Wedding Dresses

We’ll take you through everything you need to consider about wearing your dress on the day itself. Follow these guidelines and you’ll find wearing even the bouffiest meringue a cinch. Finding the wedding dress of your dreams is really easy and lots of fun, just follow our guide. Your wedding dress should the most fabulously… read more

embroidered dress

DIY Dresses

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Wedding Dresses

If you’re handy with a sewing machine and want to create a wedding dress that is truly unique here’s what to consider when it comes to making your own low-cost, big ‘wow factor’ gown. And once you’ve made your dress, you’ll want to make your bridesmaids dresses too. Dressmaking basics Whether you are making your… read more

Wedding dress sleeve styles

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Wedding Dresses

Choose the sleeve to suit your bridal gown Long The long sleeve is slender and runs from shoulder to wrist. A popular choice of fabric for long sleeve dresses is a translucent sheer fabric. Long Bell‐shaped Bell‐shaped sleeve The bell‐shaped sleeve style is slender from shoulder to elbow or mid‐forearm then flares out to the… read more

Neckline shapes for wedding dresses

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridalwear, Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Roles & Duties, Wedding Dresses

Strapless, halter or scoop ‐‐ which one’s right for you? V‐neck The V‐neck dips down to a v‐shape at the front, which de‐emphasizes the bust line. The back may be similarly cut or be higher and straighter. This style suits brides with medium sized breasts. V‐neck Square Square The square neckline is cut straight across… read more

Wedding attire for the mother of the bride

06/06/06 • Archive, Bridesmaids & Chief Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Roles & Duties

Choosing your mother of the bride’s outfit can be a headache, let Confetti make it easier for you with our comprehensive guide. Chances are you’re just as excited about looking fabulous on the big day as the bride is. Read on to help you choose the perfect wedding day outfit. Other than the bride, there’s… read more