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Wedded Bliss – the Amazing Results of our Survey!

Written by    Last updated: March 4, 2010

We asked 4000 married couples when they were happiest and found an interesting pattern emerged.

blog post photoIt turns out that the most settled time for wedding bliss is just 3 weeks before the 3rd wedding anniversary (the symbol of which is leather, in case you were interested!) This near-3 year stage in marriage is when most husbands and wives said they felt completely comfortable with each other. It is at this point that they have come to terms with any bad habits, have a solid plan for their futures together and have probably carried out all the DIY needed for a while. It is also the time when they are still being romantic and having regular sex.

Wives are still likely to receive flowers, chocolates and compliments out of the blue after 2 and a half years of marriage while men offering to help with the housework reaches a peak just before the 3rd year of marriage, interestingly coinciding with the decline of big show-stopping arguments three months later. Is there a correlation here?! Three years down the line seems to be when it all comes together with the longest amount of quality time being spent together and small gestures being made to each other such as offering to cook or help with the washing up.

Weekends away together show a decline after the first 3 years and 4 months of marriage, possibly because new babies often make an appearance at about this time. The maximum amount of ‘me time’ for each partner – that’s going out with friends or watching sport etc. appears to peak after 3 years and 5 months of marriage when there’s a trust in place and an understanding that it’s important and indeed quite healthy to have friends and interests outside of marriage.

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The secret to a long and happy marriage isn’t about how much you spend on gifts; it’s about being there for each other and sharing special moments. Couples were asked to score their happiness from 1 to 10 – those who scored themselves a 10 said that they still say ‘I love you’ to each other and hug at least once a day. So there we have it – the secret to a happy marriage may be as simple as that!

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