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Ask Kate: Getting Married in France

February 13, 2013

Kate Thompson has been offering heart-felt advice and sparklingly different wedding inspiration for ten years. She is married with two children, and often features in the national press. With her warm and caring nature and off-beat sense of humour, she'll answer every question with knowledgable insight and understanding to help and inspire or simply restore your peace of mind.


It has always been my dream, since I was a little girl, to marry in beautiful, romantic France. Being recently engaged, I now have the chance to get working on fulfilling this dream! But I am encountering problems as I cannot seem to find wedding coordinators/planners in France that don’t cost the earth! Any recommendations?


Congratulations on your recent engagement! France is a very beautiful country in which to marry and yet you should be aware that planning your wedding there is not quite as straightforward as it may be in this country. In France only civil weddings are recognised as being legally binding so if you are thinking of planning a religious wedding you may need to adjust your expectations to a civil wedding with a separate religious blessing. You can find out much more about the legal aspects in our Guide to Getting Married in France. To find a suitable wedding planner or co-ordinator in France to help you with your wedding try this ‘affordable’  France Wedding Planner or try searching ‘France’ in Weddings Abroad. I’m sorry can’t be of more help to you this time. I hope you have the wedding of your dreams. x

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