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Ask Kate: How do we ask for a contribution towards a holiday?

March 8, 2013

Kate Thompson has been offering heart-felt advice and sparklingly different wedding inspiration for ten years. She is married with two children, and often features in the national press. With her warm and caring nature and off-beat sense of humour, she'll answer every question with knowledgable insight and understanding to help and inspire or simply restore your peace of mind.


We are planning to ask for contributions towards a family trip to Australia to visit friends.  Are there any poems or could you please help me to think of a nice way to put this bearing in mind that we want our guests to attend and not to feel pressurised to put in a contribution as some of our family really cant afford it. Any help MUCH appreciated. xx


Look no further than these great articles on this very subject at  Honeymoon Gift List Poems  and The Gift of Honeymoon Travel. I have slightly reworded one of the poems to fit your request and you can rework it however you wish of course:

We know it’s not tradition
It’s not the way it’s done
But instead of a wedding list
We’d  all love to see the  sun

We would appreciate your help though,
To send us on our way
A contribution to our honeymoon
In Australia, so far away

But, most importantly, we request,
You come to our wedding as our guest
To share with us our special day
And have some fun along the way

Hope that helps!

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