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Bohemian Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses

Written by    Last updated: January 21, 2016

The bohemian trend has taken the wedding industry by storm in the last year or so and there is no sign of it slowing down! It’s down to earth, dreamy and whimsical qualities, perfectly reflect the effortlessly, beautiful and romantic look and feel that the modern bride wants for her big day. We take a look at some of our favourite bohemian inspired bridesmaid dresses and how to recreate this stunning look for your bridesmaids.

Mix and Match Styles

The bohemian vibe is all about being individual and unique so don’t get hung up on having your bridesmaids in matching dresses. Allowing them to choose a shape that suits their figure and personality will not only keep them happy, it’ll add to that free spirited atmosphere that a bohemian wedding should have.

Texture and Print

Think gathered soft, fluid fabrics such as tulle or chiffon and lace detailing, and don’t be afraid of incorporating beautiful floral prints which will only add to rustic and ethereal look. Flowers, whether real or in print, are key to the boho style!

Pastel Hues

The bohemian theme lends itself perfectly to the popular pastel trend which is soft and romantic. From earthy lavenders to blush pinks and dusty pale grey for spring and summer weddings, darker shades of these can be used for a sophisticated autumn or winter wedding. Mix and match colours to continue that care free, laid back vibe.

bohemian colour palette


The key to creating the perfect bohemian look for your bridesmaids is accessorising and the main accessory a boho bridesmaid should rock is flowers! Flowers in the hair either in the form of a wreath or delicately woven into braids is a must, and wild untamed bouquets complete this almost flower fairy style look.

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Lucy Leaper
Lucy Leaper is our inspiration and bridalwear specialist! She has a degree in fashion design and 12 years experience in the fashion industry, including 3 and a half years as the manager of a bridal boutique. Lucy loves to hear every little detail about a bride's wedding plans and it is no surprise that the first thing she wants to know is what they're wearing!


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