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Flower Girls & Pageboys

Wedding Marquee Ideas

30/06/16 • Flower Girls & Pageboys, Wedding Marquees, Wedding Receptions

The marquee is a wedding reception classic, and amazing tents and tipis are among your other brilliant options. Here are the best wedding marquee ideas, how to choose the right style, and what else you will need to know. Marquees, Tents and Tipis Holding your reception in a marquee might seem like the ultimate in summer wedding fun… read more

How Much Does it Cost to be a Bridesmaid?

22/01/15 • Bridalwear, Bridesmaids Dresses, Flower Girls & Pageboys

It is an honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but how much will it actually cost you?  When you factor in every possible cost, from the dress to the hen night to the wedding itself, it can be surprisingly expensive. Here’s our bridesmaid’s budget breakdown to keep you quids in, keep your stress levels… read more

Page Boy Blowing Bubbles at Wedding

Dapper Little Men: The Purpose, Role and Look of Page Boys

22/10/14 • Bridalwear, Flower Girls & Pageboys, Roles & Duties

No moment inspires the collective awwww in a wedding like the moment the page boy and flower girl bound down the aisle. There’s just something about seeing little munchkins dressed to the nines in elegant formal wear that melts even the stoniest heart. We’re guilty of blubbering over cute page boys in the photos submitted to… read more

Here Comes the Bride

Pageboys: Ring bearers, Train bearers and Coin bearers

25/05/14 • Bridalwear, Flower Girls & Pageboys, Roles & Duties

Nothing is cuter than seeing your sweet little ring and/or coin bearer toddling up the isle with a large satin cushion clutched tentatively near his chest—or the shy, flushing train bearer staring at the floor as he waddles after the bride with her dress train in hand. So what exactly do pageboys do? And where… read more

Bridesmaid and Flower Girls Going to Ceremony

The Role of The Flower Girl At Your Wedding

19/05/14 • Flower Girls & Pageboys, Roles & Duties

What is the flower girl’s primary role? To be adorable of course.  The flower girl is perhaps the sweetest little wedding guest of them all, stealing hearts as she has her very own bridal fairytale. However there is a lot more to it than just dropping flower petals in front of the bride. We’ve compiled… read more

Alternative Bridesmaids Outfits

16/09/13 • Bridalwear, Bridesmaids Dresses, Flower Girls & Pageboys

Traditional weddings had a row of bridesmaids in matching dresses and shoes, all holding identical bouquets, all smiling identical smiles. These days, however, alternative bridesmaids outfits are the in-thing! Your bridesmaids could rock up at your side in different colours, styles or even some seriously sexy suits! Here’s how to style your bridesmaids your way. Image courtesy… read more