Flower girl and Page boy Outfits

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Pretty little flower girls throwing petals down the aisle and a cheeky pageboy with a ring cushion can really make a wedding seem complete. Here are some ideas for how to dress your flower girls and pageboys for your big day.

Cute Flower Girl and Pageboy

Flower girls

Flower girls’ dresses look lovely when they match your grown up bridesmaids and even sweeter when they match the bride in ivory. Their dresses can be one colour or two‐tone to match both the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the ivory of the bride’s dress. It’s quite nice for their little dresses to contrast to the adult bridesmaids’ dresses rather than to match exactly though a matching sash will help them to complement each other.

Have them wear simple flat ballet shoes in ivory satin ideally. A little jacket or cardigan is recommended as it may get cooler as the day goes on and you don’t want your little flower girls to get cold! A marabou or fake fur shrug or cape could be just the thing for a winter wedding. Flowers will look lovely in their hair, as will a sparkly Alice band or ribbons.

Give your little ones a flower girl basket to hold their rose petals, a kiss and they’re all ready.

Page boys

Page boy outfits generally comprise a suit and waistcoat, shirt and tie or cravat, with a hat as optional, much like the other male attendants of the bridal party only smaller! Usually the pageboy wears a black suit with a white shirt, though their suit can be any colour from grey to navy and their waistcoat, shirt or tie can be coloured to match with either the bridesmaids’ dresses or the best man and ushers.

The page boy will either carry a ring cushion for the wedding rings or simply follow the bride down the aisle while the best man takes charge of the rings. Ring cushions can be seen in Ceremony Accessories in the Confetti shop.

Who pays for the outfits?

Traditionally it is the bride’s father, or whomever is hosting the wedding, who pays for the flower girls’ and page boy’s outfits. It may be possible to come to some sort of a compromise whereby the bride or her father pay for the outfit and the parents of the child pay for the shoes and any other accessories such as a hat or their hair flowers.

It’s worth making sure your flower girls or page boys fit the outfits properly by taking them along for a fitting. Buying children’s clothes off the peg is a risky business as children of the same age can vary greatly and you don’t want your wedding photos to be dominated by the page boy who was dressed in a suit that was so big or so small for him that he stood out like a sore thumb!

It may be worth investing in an outfit rather than hiring, as children can be messy eaters and you’ll need to leave a deposit and foot the bill for any stains to a hired outfit, so buying could work out even cheaper in the long run. You’ll also have the option to resell and claim some of your cost back if you buy the outfits or be able to keep them for little brothers, sisters or cousins to wear again.

If you’re buying online then it’s worth taking accurate measurements of the child’s height, chest, neck, waist, hips and leg to ensure you buy the right size, particularly if you’re buying from an international site where sizes may differ. Check returns information before parting with any cash and make sure you have enough time before the wedding in case delivery takes longer than you had expected.

Find more inspiration for your flower girls and page boys in dresses and style.

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