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Alternative Bridal Wear Ideas

Written by    Last updated: August 30, 2016

If you’re a bride who’s looking for something different to the traditional bridal gown, then how about this flamboyant sheer lace gown, a retro cool jumpsuit or modern cropped top two-piece?

If your granny doesn’t scare easily then a transparent wedding dress that leaves little to the imagination is one way of looking different. Just remember to hold your bouquet up like a fig leaf and all will be fine. If that’s a little too risque for you then you might prefer some of these instead:



Alternative Bridalwear jumpsuit by David's Bridal |

Alternative Bridalwear jumpsuit by David’s Bridal

So, which one of these alternative bridal wear ideas is your favourite, and would you wear a sheer lace wedding dress on your special day?

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Kate Thompson
Kate Thompson is Confetti's features editor and wedding expert, and has worked in the wedding industry for 15 years. A widely published lifestyle writer, she has made BBC television and radio appearances discussing wedding trends in the UK.


One thought on “Alternative Bridal Wear Ideas

  1. Eva says:

    I love boho chic dresses, fresh, unique, different.

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