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Curvaceous brides

Written by    Last updated: September 13, 2006

If you’re lucky enough to be able to call yourself curvaceous then you should be celebrating your womanly figure in a gorgeous gown that will compliment your curves.

Styles to suit

There’s no particular style that suits any particular size – it really depends on your proportions. A completely straight dress, however, is unlikely to be flattering if you are curvy and it’s wise to avoid puffs and gathers too. Princess lines and A‐lines are both very flattering styles, and silks and satins are preferable to very body‐hugging material. Hourglass or Pear shape you can find out the most flattering dress for your shape in Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Dress for Your Shape.

Perfect fit

Every bride‐to‐be has an image of how they want to look on their wedding day, and being bigger simply may not fit in with your picture of yourself as a bride. That’s why many brides‐to‐be embark on that time honoured wedding tradition – the diet.

If you’re intending to slim down for your wedding, be realistic about what you can achieve. There isn’t any point in ordering a size 12 dress for your wedding in a month’s time if you’re a size 18. Trying to squeeze into a too‐tight dress is also a mistake. Brides have to do an awful lot of moving around and wearing something uncomfortable really will spoil your day.

A sensible diet is one thing, but going on a crash diet before the wedding could leave you exhausted and unhealthy looking. Better to stick to a sensible plan and some stress‐busting exercise.

And before you diet, remember that everyone is self‐conscious when trying on dresses, regardless of their size. No one has the perfect body, but rest assured: it IS possible to find the perfect dress, no matter what shape you are.

Careful planning

Call stores in advance to find out exactly what is available to try on and whether they offer alterations once the dress has been ordered. Remember that samples act as rough guides – often stores have ways of fitting them around you so that you can get an idea of how the dress will look. It’s also worth looking at dresses online and making a list of which ones you’d like to try on before you go out.

If the thought of trying on wedding dresses fills you with dread, then take along a friend or your mum and make a day of it by having a special celebratory lunch out too.

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