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Wedding Cake Alternatives

The Cotswold Cheese Company |

Cheese Wedding Cake from The Cotswold Cheese Company

14/02/16 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives

Recent years have seen a huge rise in the popularity of cheese wedding cakes and it’s not hard to see why. A tiered cheese wedding cake provides all the traditions of its sister sweet version, such as creating a centrepiece, and the symbolic cutting of the cake by the bride and groom. Budget savvy couples… read more

Sweetie buffet glass jars in the Confetti shop

Sweetie Buffets For Weddings

16/05/14 • Cakes & Sweets, Catering, Food, Drink & Catering, Room & Table Decorations, Sweets & Confectionery, Wedding Cake Alternatives, Wedding Receptions

The sweetie buffet is a simple, sweet trend in weddings that your mother wouldn’t have even thought of. Recreating the childish excitement of the old sweet shop with its penny sweets, this trend is inexpensive and stylish while adding a real sense of fun to your wedding. Image courtesy of The Candy Company Order a sweetie buffet… read more

Wedding Cake Pulls and Charms

10/03/14 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cake pulls and charms are a lovely Victorian tradition, and now the height of fashion once again. Tiny silver good luck charms, attached to delicate satin ribbons are placed between tiers of the wedding cake. During the reception, the bridesmaids pull the ribbons and charms out of the cake. This little ceremony was called… read more

wedding traditional bow bouquet

Ordering your wedding cake

15/11/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives, Wedding Cakes

Organising that centrepiece wedding cake for your big day may seem like another headache you could do without. But with a bit of organisation and the right baker everything should go smoothly. Here’s Confetti’s handy guide to getting the wedding cake you desire and one your guests will love to eat. Decide what you want… read more

The Biscuit Wedding Cake

04/11/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives

Biscuit wedding cakes and iced biscuit favours in the shape of little wedding cakes are the latest trend since Prince William asked for a royal wedding cake made from chocolate biscuits. A tasty alternative to cake at any celebration, stunningly iced biscuits make ideal wedding favours and alternative wedding cakes as you’ll see from some of the gorgeous and highly… read more

Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

06/08/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives

Looking for something different to the traditional tiered wedding cake? If you want something that looks as good as it tastes and will have all your guests talking for years to come, this is for you. Aside from the magical Croquembouche, cute cake pops and interestingly named ‘inside out cakes’, there are some truly imaginative… read more

How To Make Your Own Cake Pops

30/07/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Sweets & Confectionery, Wedding Cake Alternatives

Cake pops are delicious little round cake balls on lollipop sticks, often dipped in chocolate before being iced and decorated. They’re the cutest thing since the cupcake and can be made in a range of flavours and iced to any colour or decoration you wish. If you’re a keen cake baker and you fancy a… read more

Wedding Cake Pops Ideas and Decoration

01/07/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Wedding Cake Alternatives

When it comes to choosing a wedding cake, most of us are thinking in terms of fruit or sponge, two tiers or three. If you want your wedding to stand out then an alternative wedding cake could be just the place to start. Cake pops are a cute cross between a cake and a lollipop… read more

Cheese Wedding Cake

Cheese Wedding Cakes

03/05/13 • Cakes & Sweets, Trends, Wedding Cake Alternatives, Wedding Cakes

There is cheese, there is cake, there is cheesecake and nowadays there are also cheese wedding cakes.  These cheese wedding cake is the ultimate stylish cheeseboard, made to resemble a multi-tiered wedding cake – and they’re growing ever more fashionable by the year! This is another option with a distinctly continental feel to it, for… read more