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Transport to carry you to your wedding ceremony in comfort and style…

The journey to your wedding venue may well be one of the most nerve‐wracking and emotional of your life, and the trip to your reception may well be the most wonderful, so there’s every reason to do it in style and/or comfort.

Push the boat out ‐‐ literally ‐‐ if you want to. When it comes to wedding transport you can let your imagination have free rein and travel in the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of. Our confetti buyer’s guide will give you lots of great ideas on getting to your ceremony in style!

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Wedding Bicycle |

Top Transport Ideas for Boho Weddings

15/06/16 • Cars & Transport

From sleek vintage cars to boats draped with flowers, you have quite a few gorgeous transport options for your bohemian wedding. Here are 9 of our top transport ideas for boho weddings. You’ll be spoilt for choice! 1) Car Cars, in their enormous variety, remain the most popular transport option for all weddings. A vintage… read more

The Best UK Wedding Transportation Ideas |

5 of the Best UK Wedding Transportation Ideas

24/11/15 • Cars & Transport

To hire or not to hire? We asked some of our brides what their plans were for their wedding transport, and the results were a little bit surprising. There are various reasons why a couple may decide to hire a wedding car—chief among them being that they want to splash out a little for the… read more

Wedding transport idea for vintage theme wedding

Themed Wedding Transport Ideas

26/08/14 • Cars & Transport, Inspiration, Wedding Themes

You’ve gone through the trouble of securing every detail of your dream wedding around your preferred theme. Don’t forget to tie in the wedding transport, too; arriving at your wedding in style helps to set the tone of your day. We’ve chosen our favorite themed wedding transport ideas to inspire you when planning your wedding.… read more

Fun Ways to Decorate the Wedding Car

22/06/14 • Cars & Transport, Flower Arrangements & Decoration, Inspiration, Mood Boards, Wedding Flowers

Decorating the wedding car can be a lot of fun. Here’s how to enhance it without going overboard, and where you can get those all-important car ribbons, stickers, signs and other accessories to create a wedding car that is unique and special for the happy couple on their big day.  Above: “Just Married” License Plates and Just Fluff Coloured… read more

Wedding Transport and How to Avoid Issues

20/05/14 • Cars & Transport, Inspiration, Mood Boards

Not everyone knows their way around every part of the country, and not every Sat-Nav knows every road and every postcode. So it’s important your guests are organised—that they know where they have to be and when they have to be there. There could be nothing worse than spending years planning and organising your big day… read more

Most Asked Wedding Car Questions

17/03/14 • Cars & Transport

Booking your wedding cars can sometimes be stressful. It is likely this is the first time you’ve ever had to do this, so knowing where to start can even seem daunting. Here are some questions to help you get started on your way to organising all of your wedding transport. Above left: Lexus GS430 from… read more

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Transport

19/08/13 • Cars & Transport, Finance & Legal, Wedding DIY

Want a Rolls Royce but only have enough for a Skoda? If you’re looking for ways to cut corners on your wedding cars but still want to arrive in style, here’s how to rethink the vintage cars, save hundreds and still do it in style – 5 ways you can save money on your wedding transport. Image… read more

Alternative Wedding Car Ideas

09/08/13 • Cars & Transport, Wedding Budget & Costs

The wedding car can be a real show stealer with its ribbon on the bonnet, Just Married sign and tin cans tied to the exhaust. If the thought of a white vintage ‘Roller’ makes you yawn, add some adventure to your day with one or even two of these deliciously different ideas for your wedding transport.… read more

Wedding Bus Hire

01/08/13 • Cars & Transport, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips

Step aboard the wedding bus! There is no better way to travel to your wedding than with a glass of bubbly in your hand and all your friends and family around you. Hiring a bus is the easiest way to transport all your wedding guests to and from each venue. Here’s why every wedding should have… read more

The Groom’s Wedding Car

29/07/13 • Cars & Transport, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips

“Get me to the church on time!” never sounded better than at the wheel of a luxury performance sports car. Grooms, if you’ve ever secretly fancied yourself driving a convertible Aston Martin, with a beautiful girl at your side and a wry smile on your face, then this one’s for you. And, contrary to rumours,… read more