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Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

30/09/16 • Catering, Entertainment, Entertainment Services, Food, Drink & Catering

A major factor that determines the success of your wedding is the entertainment. Get this right and you can send your guests home glowing, with unforgettable memories of the fun and excitement. While the conventional disco and wedding bands are classics, don’t feel they are a necessity. Rules are made to be broken and throwing… read more

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Wedding Entertainment by Entertainment Nation

23/07/16 • Entertainment, Entertainment Services, Music & Dancing, Wedding Entertainment, Wedding Receptions

Once your wedding breakfast and speeches are over, the real fun begins. Live music brings a wedding celebration to life as everyone lets their hair down and kicks off their shoes to dance. Here’s everything you need to know about wedding entertainment. There’s something very special about live music. If you’re thinking of hiring a live band for… read more

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9 Tips When Hiring a String Quartet

21/06/16 • Entertainment, Music & Dancing

Really investing in the music for your wedding pays dividends: it sets the tone for your ceremony, provides the soundtrack to your drinks reception and wedding breakfast, before becoming the soul of your party.  Whilst many people are after the timeless traditional atmosphere that a classical wedding string quartet provides, it’s increasingly common to see… read more

Wedding Day Dance Couple

First Dance Wedding Songs – A Guide

20/06/16 • Ask The Expert, Entertainment, Wedding Planning

Imagine the scene – you and your groom take to the floor amidst an excited hush from your onlooking guests. He spins and whirls you around with such grace and elegance that your guests think they are at the final of Strictly Come Dancing – or at least, you are Fred and Ginger! Perhaps you’d… read more

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The Complete Guide to Live Wedding Music

24/05/16 • Entertainment, Music & Dancing

Organising your dream wedding day is an exciting prospect for every newly engaged couple, but with an extensive number of options available at every corner, it can certainly feel like an overwhelming task at times: where to hold the big day, what style of dress, what theme and of course, what music? Wedding music expert Adam… read more

Entertainment for Vintage Weddings

20/05/16 • Entertainment

Once the ceremony is over it’s time for the party to begin, but how are you going to keep your guests entertained keeping with your vintage theme? Here are 10 marvellous ideas for entertainment for vintage weddings! 1. Naughts and Crosses Scale up this boredom buster and let your guests get really competitive. This game… read more

Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

24/04/16 • Entertainment, Entertainment Services, Music & Dancing

If you’re looking to make your big day even more special there’s only one choice for the entertainment – it has to be a live performance from talented musicians that will wow your guests. A brilliant band or a stunning soloist can enrich the occasion and leave you with a soundtrack to memories that will… read more

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The Most Popular Wedding Songs For 2016

12/12/15 • Entertainment, Music & Dancing

Whether you are looking for music inspiration for walking down the aisle or for your first dance, here are our predictions for the most popular wedding songs for 2016. ‘Sweetest Devotion’ by Adele I’ve been looking for you baby In every face that I’ve ever known And there is something about the way you love… read more

Vintage Roots Wedding Band

What type of live band should I have at my wedding?

11/08/15 • Entertainment, Music & Dancing

Having a live band at your wedding can create a really fantastic atmosphere and help to make your big day even more special. There are so many fantastic bands out there, the problem is – how do you choose one?! Tailored Entertainment has a massive choice of sensational live bands, in a huge range of styles from… read more

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Sensational Suggestions for Wedding Ceremony Music

20/06/15 • Entertainment, Entertainment Services, Music & Dancing

If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, choosing your wedding ceremony music is just important a task as deciding on your evening entertainment. There are many parts of a wedding ceremony where music is used—it’s not just used for the bride’s entrance, and there are no rules to follow so you really… read more