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Fireworks and Sky Lanterns – Your Big Day Finale

Written by    Last updated: February 10, 2012

A fireworks display or a symbolic sky lanterns release could be the perfect grand finale for a larger-than-life wedding reception.


Image courtesy of Pyromania

Picture the scene – you’ve finished your wedding breakfast and everyone has had a great time on the dance floor. Darkness has fallen, and for the grand finale to your day you invite all of your guests outside and ask them to gaze towards the mesmerizing stars above. All of a sudden, cheers and laughter fill the air as your perfect day ends with a spectacular bang!

For a quieter alternative, many couples are choosing sky-lanterns as a more subdued and romantic way to complete their celebration. These paper lanterns are lit and released into the night sky to drift silently over the horizon in a magical display of luminous beauty. Couples can encourage guests to make a wish on their lantern before releasing them to lend extra appeal to these delightful decorations.

Fireworks displays are undoubtedly exciting and spectacular, but do remember to check local restrictions before planning a display. Also, don’t forget to adhere to all safety guidelines when organising a fireworks display or releasing sky-lanterns.

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