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Faking it

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Artificial flowers have come a long way. Just look at these silk wedding flowers ideas…

Table settings

This is a simple design, great for use as a table centrepiece.

Materials required:
Glass Champagne Vase, Oasis, two candles (different sizes) Hosta leaves, Calla Lilies, Eucalyptus Bush

Step 1: Fill the champagne vase with water. Food colouring can be used to add a coloured effect.
Step 2: Place the oasis in the vase.
Step 3: Secure the candles with a piece of wire, bind, then thread into the oasis.
Step 4: Add the Hosta leaves around the oasis and over the side of the glass vase.
Step 5: Bend the silk flowers around in between the leaves, not using too many, to hang downwards. Secure into the oasis.
Step 6: Add some eucalyptus bush to hide any remaining oasis.

Gift‐wrapped flowers for thank yous

A simple and elegant bouquet, great for saying ‘thank you’ to the mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and special guests who have helped out. This bouquet would cost from £20 upwards depending on the type of flowers used.

Materials required:
Onion Grass, flowers of your choice, gift‐wrap, clear cellophane, ribbon

Step 1: Start with some onion grass.
Step 2: Spiral the flowers together into a posy around the onion grass.
Step 3: Add more onion grass to the posy.
Step 4: Wrap up the flowers in tissue paper or gift‐wrap.
Step 5: Wrap cellophane in the same way around the gift‐wrap.
Step 6: Tie a large bow with ribbon around the base (alternatively, use raffia).

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