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Lord of The Rings Wedding Theme Costumes |

7 Alternative Wedding Suits

30/05/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Feeling nervous that you have to wear a traditional suit on the big day? Well, these alternative wedding suits show you that you can wear whatever you like! Just make sure that it’s special to you and your partner. Wedding Suit of Armour Ahh the middle ages, a time where men would kill for their… read more

All About the Grooms |

All About the Grooms

15/04/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Usually everybody focuses on the brides at weddings, but today it’s all about the grooms! These are 9 of our favourite real grooms from 2015. Number 8 is quite possibly the most adorable wedding photo I’ve ever seen. Giampaolo So many couples stress about making the wedding perfect, they forget to enjoy the day; this… read more

Pink Tie and Handkerchief |

The Groom Who Wore Pink

08/04/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Your clothes should be a visual representation of who you are inside, show your wedding guests the fun, carefree side that your partner fell in love with. Show them just how different and special your wedding is, be bold, dare to be the groom who wore pink! Pink, It’s My New Obsession Recently many suit… read more


Cravats Versus Bow Ties

31/03/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

Picking out your wedding suit is incredibly important; carefully consider every aspect of your ensemble to ensure you look your best on the day. Once you’ve chosen your colour, style and fabric, it’s time to choose your neckwear. What’s it going to be? Cravats versus bow ties? Bow Ties – Just What the Doctor Ordered… read more


Mr and Mr Weddings We Love

28/03/16 • For The Groom

The amount of countries allowing same-sex marriage has been on the rise steadily since 2001, but only in 2014 was it legal in England and in 2015 it became legal in the USA. Since 2015 there has been a massive leap in the number of wonderful pictures of happy same-sex couples on the internet. So… read more

Wedding Tuxedo courtesy of Stephen Bishop Suiting |

Wedding Tuxedo Sizing Basics for Grooms

03/03/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

The tuxedo (or dinner jacket) is an incredibly stylish wedding suit that many men choose, but very few manage to find a tux that fits. To avoid wearing a suit that’s two sizes too big (or too small!), take these wedding tuxedo sizing basics to heart! Finding Trousers that Fit Your trousers should fasten easily… read more

The bright side of life |

6 Grooms & Groomsmen Looks We Love

23/02/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

The groom and groomsmen should probably wear some clothes on the wedding day, but what they wear will set a tone for the wedding. These are my favourite groom and groomsmen looks that are so much better than getting married nude. The Bright Side of Life I had to start with this one, because of… read more


How to Propose to Your Groomsmen

09/02/16 • For The Groom

Calm down, you don’t have to buy another ring! When you propose to your groomsmen, it’s a little bit more casual and less terrifying than proposing to your partner, but it is still very important. You have to ask your friends if they will be your groomsmen, but asking them over a pint is boring.… read more

A groom being a gentleman to his partner |

6 Ways to be a Gentleman

25/01/16 • For The Groom

To be a man you must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, but to be a gentleman is little bit more difficult. On your wedding day your partner will expect you to be refined and proper. So come and enrol in Confetti’s School of Etiquette and learn how… read more

Shoe shine cake topper |

Types and Styles of Footwear for the Groom

20/01/16 • For The Groom, Menswear

There are so many different shoe styles out there, it can be a daunting task to pick out the perfect pair for you. You don’t want a stressful wedding, so here is a basic guide to help you choose the perfect footwear for the groom and any male member of the wedding party. Shoe Styles… read more

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