How to Propose to Your Groomsmen

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Calm down, you don’t have to buy another ring! When you propose to your groomsmen, it’s a little bit more casual and less terrifying than proposing to your partner, but it is still very important. You have to ask your friends if they will be your groomsmen, but asking them over a pint is boring. Let’s have some fun with this.

The Manly Men

Are you and your friends macho men who like to chop down trees with your bare hands and eat raw steak? Well this is the proposal for you. A simple note is not enough for this, build a little care package with everything that a groomsman could ever want! A note asking if he will be a groomsman at your wedding, maybe a cigar or some liquor and a gift to hammer home the fact you truly want him to be one of your ushers. Throw in a firm handshake for good measure.

The Bromantic Proposal for Your Best Man

The ultimate bromance |

A Modern Day Bromance Courtesy of Pinterest

When it comes to your best man, you want to push the boat out a bit more by planning the ultimate proposal. You know the drill; take him out somewhere special, like his favourite restaurant. Don’t be afraid of clichés here, put a plastic ring in his drink or even serenade him with a touching romantic song. The cheesier you can make this the better. After you’ve set the scene, get down on your knee and pop the question. Let the bromance fill to the brim, but just make sure he knows that you’re not asking to marry him.

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