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All About the Grooms

15th April 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

Usually everybody focuses on the brides at weddings, but today it’s all about the grooms! These are 9 of our favourite real grooms from 2015. Number 8 is quite possibly the most adorable wedding photo I’ve ever seen.


So many couples stress about making the wedding perfect, they forget to enjoy the day; this clearly wasn’t the case for Giampaolo. Is this the face of a man who’s worried about whether the boutonnières match the table centre pieces?


Ryan’s neutral suit fit perfectly with the Tuscan vineyard, even though he did end up wearing the wrong suit trousers on the day! The lack of tie is probably due to the heat, but it also fits in with the relaxed style of the suit and the setting. Since there were only 10 guests, it didn’t have to be an overly formal event, so was very intimate yet casual.


The contemporary formal suit that Gary is sporting here is incredibly smart and dapper; the red tie contrasts the garden ceremony’s background perfectly. Red ties are incredibly in right now, (well I think that they are anyway) so this tie just highlights how sharp Gary’s fashion sense is.


I personally find the size difference in this picture to be incredibly adorable. The three-piece suit combined with a pink patterned bowtie and handkerchief brings formality together with fun and carefreeness. This wedding perfectly captures the British summer time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a visitor guide for Gloucester!


Whilst Chris chose a traditional cravat, he opted for a casual suit which gave the overall look a more relaxed feel than a morning suit would. The red cravat and boutonnière really contrast the colour scheme of yellow and black, allowing him to stand out!


Combining tradition, your heritage and your interests into one wedding suit sounds impossible, but Ian managed to pull it off at his superhero themed wedding! Not only did he wear a super hero t-shirt under his traditional Scottish Prince Charlie jacket and a kilt, but he also had a mini Lego figure of a super hero on his boutonnière, which is also a thistle!


Look at Daniel’s killer pink tie! I am a massive fan of pink ties, especially a pale/ pastel pink. I don’t know who decided that the groomsmen’s ties should be pink, but they are a style genius! It’s a risk that really paid off in this case! Click here for more on grooms who wore pink.


I said that this was one of the most adorable wedding images that I have ever seen, I stand by that opinion. You can’t get cuter than an embrace in the snow, under a blanket, on your wedding day which happens to be New Year’s Eve! If you want your wedding day to be so unbelievably cute, then use Ryan’s real wedding for inspiration.


This image just sums up how amazing this vintage wedding was. I really do like the colour scheme that they went with, the Tiffany Blue works so well as Alec’s bowtie, the groomsmen’s suits and the bridesmaids’ dresses. I also appreciate any couple that takes fun and unique wedding photos, it really helps to humanise the bride and groom.

Tyler Goodyer
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Confetti’s Facebook admin, Tyler Goodyer has left his life of camping in the cold rain for a life filled with Prosecco, weddings and glitter beards. In his free time Tyler can be found in the pit at a concert, drinking cocktails (mostly strawberry daiquiris) in Manchester or snuggled up in a blanket watching Stranger Things on Netflix for the 3rd time that week.

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