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Perfume Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood |

How to Choose The Perfect Perfume for Your Wedding Day

17/09/16 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty

Choosing the perfect perfume for your wedding day is all about finding the fragrance that matches your personal taste and bridal style. Here’s how to find the perfect scent, for a classic, modern or bohemian bride. Getting married is a significant start of new beginnings, that many brides choose to mark by updating their perfume. The fragrances here are all current… read more

Postponing Your Period for the Big Day

02/06/15 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty

When you sat down to plan your dream day, did you see yourself having to worry about your period? Probably not, but if you are considering postponing your period for your wedding day and honeymoon, here is some of the latest medical information to help you. According to, period delay is amongst the most common topics… read more

am Wrigley Wedding Makeup

Beauty Countdown!

22/07/14 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Cosmetic & Beauty Treatments, Hair & Beauty, Make-up, Pampering, Skin Care & Nails

Three, two, one… gorgeous! Get ready for perfect bridal beauty  as expert Beatrice Aidin shares her top beauty tips. This is your big day, and here’s your essential countdown… Above: Image by Vale Resort Hen and Stag Early Beautify! Beauty experiments should be carried out now ‐‐ if you want to try Botox, lip enlargements… read more

Winter Makeup

Bridal Beauty Basics

03/05/14 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty

Of course you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day, and there are only two rules needed to achieve this: start early and stick at it! The larger department stores often offer free beauty consultations, especially for brides‐to‐be. This is a good place to start. Discuss any skin problems and find out which of the… read more

Wedding Hair Inspiration for 2014

29/03/14 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hair is so important to get right. Certain styles can really enhance your features and make you feel confident, comfortable and generally fabulous – which is exactly what you want to feel on your wedding day! Here are Camilla J Collins‘ top wedding hair ideas. All you lovely brides-to-be can set the trend for 2014!… read more

wedding makeup mascara eyeliner lipstick

Winter Wedding Makeup Trends

27/01/14 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Make-up

Confetti’s hair, makeup and skincare expert Camilla J Collins investigates winter wedding make-up trends and gives you tips on getting the latest on-trend looks. The key looks as we push through winter into spring are contoured cheekbones, defined brows, long lashes, bold lips and smoky sultry eyes. Contoured cheekbones For cheekbones to rival Kim Kardashian… read more

Wedding Make-Up Tips

20/06/13 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Make-up

Wedding make-up shopping is fun – but it’s much better if you know what you are looking for! Sure, the stores will recommend their product du jour in hopes you’ll buy it. Here’s our tip – whether you’re doing a complete bridal DIY make-up job, or you just need a few products ideal for touch-ups, the… read more

Bridal Braid Wedding Hair Style With Flowers

Bridal Hair Trends For 2013

15/04/13 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Wedding Hairstyles

Well, 2013 is in full swing and after a quiet and cold couple of months the wedding industry is hotting up for all the lovely brides of spring and summer 2013! The catwalk has made way to some stunning hairstyles and they are definitely going to be hot for brides in 2013 – some of… read more

Essential Questions To Ask Your Hair & Make-Up Artist

09/02/13 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Make-up, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Hairstyles, Wedding Planning

Most brides don’t need to be told their wedding day is THE day to look their best – and to achieve this, many brides start beauty regimes about 3 months before the wedding! The crowning glory in achieving that glowing bridal beauty is finding the perfect make-up and hair artist, who will wave their magic palette,… read more

Ask The Expert – Bridal Hairstyles For Winter

20/12/12 • Beauty Experts & Advice, Hair & Beauty, Wedding Hairstyles

The winter season is a beautiful time to get married, with the early evenings, twinkly lights everywhere and general happiness and merriment all around!  The winter bride has so many lovely options, with pretty fur shrugs, sparkly accessories and she can get away with bolder make up and hairstyles to match! Image courtesy of Camilla… read more