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Shapes and lengths

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Hair needs to work with the shape of your outfit and your face if it’s to truly flatter

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

There is an endless number of ways in which long hair can be worn. From wearing the hair up in a tight topknot to piling it loosely on top of the head, hair can be worn around your face to add softness or up high to add height. Long hair can be worn part up and part down by taking up the sides of the hair and leaving the back long. Curling the hair to create waves will give a romantic, old‐fashioned look, while straightening hair can give a modern sleeker appearance.

Wedding hairstyles for shoulder‐length hair 

Shoulder‐length hair can look like long hair with a little bit of professional magic.

If you want to wear your hair up but are worried that your hair simply isn’t long enough, your hairdresser might suggest a sponge. Sponges are doughnut‐shaped pieces of net‐covered sponge that come in a variety of colours to match your hair. They can be placed on the crown of the head and your hair pinned around them to give the illusion of more hair.

Hair pieces do a similar job but it can be tricky to get the colour exact, particularly if your hair is highlighted. Hair extensions are another, more expensive alternative. A sparkly tiara will set off your long hair a treat.

Wedding hair styles for short hair

Short hair can look stunning on your wedding day and while there may be less options for you when it comes to how to wear your hair, there are ways you can make more of your chosen look.

Getting a really great cut for your wedding day is the first most important thing to do. If your hair tends to be fairly flat or lifeless, add texture by backcombing gently or simply rubbing gently between fingers and thumb. Creating volume may not be the answer for very short hair but a good hairdresser will be able to add texture to even the shortest of hairstyles.

Hair pins and combs can add a sparkle and a few flowers in your hair can really set off a short hairstyle beautifully. 

Many brides with short hair choose to grow it for their wedding ‐‐ if you want to do this, start a year before the big day. Don’t feel that you have to grow your hair though ‐‐ just make sure that you match your hairstyle to your dress. 

Wedding hair styles for curly hair 

Curly hair can be braided for a pretty traditional look. Curly hair can have a tendency to frizz so smoothing out each curl in turn will make bouncy, sleeker and shinier curls. Wash your hair and dry with a diffuser to bring out your natural curls. Then run each curl under a curling iron to iron out the frizz and emphasise the curl.

Curly hair is great to add accessories to as they will add interest and sparkle to the volume. A tiara or hair comb can look simply stunning amongst your curls. 

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