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Active dos

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Adrenaline‐pumping weekends make for great hen and stag party ideas

Riding high

If you’ve got a taste for thrilling ups and downs, head for the rollercoaster triangle of the north and conquer the highest and longest rollercoasters in the world. Start with Alton Towers, where you’ll have to brave the twists and bends of Nemesis, then tackle the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley (the longest) and finally, The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (the highest). Just take it easy on the beers in between…

Boy racers

See yourself as a bit of a speed demon? Then test your on and off‐road skills in a range of vehicles. Start with a Kelly’s Heroes‐style jaunt through the countryside in a tank, progress to a four‐wheel‐drive Landrover Discovery on challenging country tracks and, for a smooth finale, test‐drive a few Ferraris and see which of your friends can clock the most impressive speed. But remember: no booze till after.Or for something a bit more low‐key, spend the afternoon go‐karting.

Free fall

Some describe marriage as a great leap into the unknown. Well, why not get some practice in by arranging a parachute jump for a group of friends?

A load of bullocks

To really sort the men from the boys, organise a group trip to Pamplona and take part in the annual Bull Run. It’s risky stuff, but great fun, even if you decide to just watch from the stands with a cool beer in your hand!

Action womená

Get your adrenalin pumping with a spot of bungee jumping, hang‐gliding or white‐water rafting. If mums and older hens are invited, opt for a less daring choice such as hot‐air ballooning or a cruise on a vintage yacht.

Fishing for compliments

Ok, so this probably isn’t one for the hens, but outdoorsystags might fancy a fly‐fishing weekend in Scotland or Devon. One of you is bound to land a big one that the group’s barbecue‐meister can sizzle up later. If everyone fails to get a bite, there’s always the local chippy ‐‐ followed by the traditional drunken maundering over the one that got away.

Singing sensationá

If you and your mates fancy yourselves as the next Girls Aloud, book yourselves into a studio for a few hours’ recording on all the latest mixing equipment. Take a tape of your artistic endeavours home and relive the party all over again ‐‐ or hire a karaoke machine for the night and invite all your friends round for a go.

Boogie nights

Are you a closet Strictly Come Dancing fan? Then why not organise lessons and learn to foxtrot, tango and waltz? You’ll be able to glide around the Blackpool Tower ballroom to the sounds of the mighty Wurlitzer organ. And if you’re on a combined stag and hen do, there’s no danger of you not finding a partner. Alternatively, stick with the girls an opt for a 70s night ‐‐ and enjoy an afternoon dressing up in hot pants, boob tubes and glittery make‐up.

Best of seven?

Create your own Superstars competition from an Activity Centre on the banks of a Scottish loch. Stuff your best mates in kayaking and cycling races during the day and arm‐wrestling and darts in the evening. Make sure you’ve bought a suitably tacky gold cup to present to the winner too.

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