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When planning a stag/hen party, you not only have to find the best places to drink, you also need to make sure all your best friends are there. Sure, you could send hen/stag party invites as a boring Facebook or Whatsapp message, or you could use one of Mini-Epic‘s absolutely amazing video invites!

Mini Epic Video Invitations

Making a professional quality video has never been easier; just pick one of their many themed templates and fill out a remarkably simple form to personalise the invite. The invite can be changed to include the date, location, name of the event and the name of the hen/stag.

You even get to add a picture of the hen/stag to the video; just make sure it’s the most embarrassing photo you can find!

Epic Hens

For the hens out there we’ve got; delicious cocktails to get your guests in the mood for the crazy hen night or a dramatic teaser trailer for the hen do, that actually looks better than most of DC’s trailers!

Epic Stags

For the stag’s, there’s a reminder of the rules of the stag do (these aren’t suggestions), the best choice if you think things might get a little “messy” at the stag do. As well as this, there’s also an official message from the SIA, just watch out that it self destructs after it’s played.

These are only some of the fantastic templates that Mini-Epic has to offer and as the lovely lady in the Perfect Hen Party Cocktail video said, these videos contain RSVPs. You won’t need to chase up the guests you invited and you won’t need to keep a little note pad of who’s coming and who’s not.

So don’t delay, make the perfect party invites for up to 50 guests today with the outstanding Mini-Epic all for only the knockout  price of £4.99!

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