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Real hen & stag tips

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

If you’re organising a hen or stag do, keep these helpful pearls in mind.

So what makes a really good stag or hen party? If in doubt, ask the experts!

‘The golden rule for a real old‐fashioned night of debauchery ‐‐ no family, no witnesses, no snitching…’
Neil, 34

Take your time

‘Don’t go overboard too quickly. With stag nights, there can be such an expectation to get drunk as fast as possible that the evening can peter out much too quickly. Pacing yourself is crucial.’
Graham, 27

Remember us?

‘If you’re having a joint do and want to mark the event properly, make sure that someone is in charge of getting up and making a toast or at least reminding everyone why you’re all there. It’s your day ‐‐ so don’t let that get forgotten.’
Martina, 33

Gently does it

‘Never underestimate how nervous and strung‐out people get before their weddings. You may want to play what you think is a very gentle joke on your hen or stag, but make sure that you’re certain that they can take it ‐‐ pre‐wedding nerves can sometimes bring on a total sense of humour failure and ruin an otherwise fun night.’
Liz, 37

Stay in touch

‘If you’re organising a hen or stag do, make sure you take your mobile phone. Even if you’re only going out with a smallish group in a big city, it’s incredibly easy to lose stragglers as the night wears on. This way, everyone can at least find you.’
Jack, 40

Party animals

‘If you want to have a really wild time, make sure all the people you invite are up for it. There’s nothing worse than asking someone along who’s going to sit there feeling out of it and looking disapproving ‐‐ while you’re all running around trying to collect the maximum number of love bites in a single hour!’
Jane, 32

Birds of a feather

‘Always match your activity to the people you invite ‐‐ not the other way round. If you really want your mum to come along, for instance, make sure you’re doing something that she’s likely to be able to throw herself into, not something that’s going to cause anyone to feel awkward..’
Nicky, 27

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