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Top 10 stag weekends

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Let the world be your oyster for your stag celebration! Las Vegas for a stylish Ocean’s Eleven party, Prague for cheap beer? It’s all up to you.

Let the world be your oyster for your stag celebration

Planning a stag celebration for the groom? Be inspired by our pick of the top 10 destinations for the boys. 

Las Vegas

A must for the guys who want to go glam and pretend they’ve walked straight out of Ocean’s Eleven. This isn’t a stag do for the faint‐hearted (or those on a tight budget). Think neon lights, deafening sounds of gambling machines and the ultimate in luxurious accommodation, and you’re just about there. The key is not to lose too much money ‐‐ and not to accidentally get married to someone else! 


Sorry to be blunt, but one of the major pluses of Prague as a stag destination is the ridiculously cheap beer. Of course, if you want to appear cultured, there are some fabulous museums and the architecture is stunning. The food is hearty and delicious (meat, sauerkraut, dumplings) and the hotels range from the inexpensive and basic to the super‐stylish depending on your budget.


First and foremost, Amsterdam is packed with culture so it’s a great city to visit if you want to combine a spot of nightlife with something a little more intellectual. Hotels range from the high class to the hostel, there are plenty of bars to enjoy Dutch beer… and then there’s the red light district. Don’t forget the Heineken brewery and the sex museum. You have been warned…


Summer is the time when Edinburgh really comes alive. Visit in August if you want to make the most of the festival and enjoy everything Edinburgh has to offer, from fabulous scenery to great restaurants and nightlife. Hotels are fantastic, or you could venture further afield and hire a cosy cottage close to a golf course.


Dublin makes a fantastic stag destination for various reasons. Perhaps the first is the Guinness factory and the abundance of wonderful pubs serving the dusky nectar. It’s not a huge city, so it’s easy to spend a weekend enjoying everything that it has to offer. At the very least, head down Grafton Street and into Stephen’s Green and take a lingering walk around this small, well‐laid‐out park. The observant will note a WB Yeats memorial by Henry Moore and a bust of James Joyce.


For the ‘city stag’ London is a must if you don’t want to travel too far. Take a boat down the Thames to see something of the city, or get tickets to watch Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham. Rugby fans should look out for games at Twickenham. And then there’s the dogs at Wimbledon or Walthamstow. In the evening, head to the Comedy Store, grab a bite to eat in Soho and… Spearmint Rhino if you must.

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