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Getting married in Thailand

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Long‐established as a luxurious honeymoon destination with some of the world’s best hotels, Thailand offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic beach wedding.

Why get married in Thailand?

Thailand is known as the Land of Endless Smiles because its service and welcoming hospitality has become legendary throughout Asia. The country boasts magnificent temples, saffron‐robed monks and glorious beach resorts.

Bangkok is full of life and colourful contrasts, an intoxicating blend of excellent sightseeing, hectic shopping and lively bars. The tropical island of Phuket offers sand beaches and good water sports complemented by the lively resort of Patong, with its numerous restaurants and bars. Pattaya is probably Asia’s best‐known beach resort with palm‐ringed beaches and vibrant nightlife.

What kind of wedding ceremony can I have in Thailand?

Imagine getting married on an island beach at sunset, with a white tiger as your escort and an elephant procession, not to mention exotic birds, champagne and oysters and a sunset cruise to see the bay…

One of the great things about getting married in Thailand is the rich variety of picturesque locations, including world‐class beach resorts, where  a formal or religious ceremony can be performed following the legal administrative marriage.

Once you have fulfilled the legal proceedings, you are officially married in accordance with Thai law. After your registration is finalised you will receive two original Thai Marriage certificates and an English translation will be given to you the following working day. This does not involve any ceremony, and is purely a completion of the paperwork.

Some hotels are able to arrange for the Registrar to come to the hotel to issue the marriage certificate and you can choose to follow the legal part of the wedding with a traditional Thai Buddhist or Christian wedding ceremony.

Is it wedding weather?

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Sunshine hours* 9 9 9 8 8 6 5 5 5 6 8 9
Rainfall (inches)* 0 1 1 2 8 6 6 7 12 8 3 0
*Average daily max temp (°F)
*Average daily sunshine hours
*Average monthly rainfall (inches)

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