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Getting married in the Seychelles

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

One of the world’s most luxurious island paradises, perfect for a secluded beach wedding.

Why get married in the Seychelles?

This string of islands offers nature at its very best, with a pace of life that’s ideally suited to those who simply wish to relax and unwind in stunning tropical surroundings. It must surely be one of the most beautiful island archipelagos on Earth ‐‐ rich, lush, tropical vegetation, glorious beaches and the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean.

The Republic of Seychelles consists of a series of about 110 islands in the Indian Ocean, about 1000 miles west of Mombassa, Kenya.

What kind of wedding ceremony can I have in the Seychelles?

Most couples are usually married at their hotel, in the gardens or on the beach. It is also possible to arrange a wedding on a yacht.

Religious ceremonies can be arranged, but not through the Civil Status Office. The law does not recognise religious ceremonies so you will be required to have a civil ceremony followed by a religious ceremony. You should ask your parish priest to contact a priest in the Seychelles direct and all other formalities detailed must be complied with.

Is it wedding weather?

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max temp (°F)* 83 84 85 86 85 83 81 81 82 83 84 83
Sunshine hours* 6 6 7 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 6
Rainfall (inches)* 15 10 9 7 7 4 3 3 5 6 9 13
*Average daily max temp (°F)
*Average daily sunshine hours
*Average monthly rainfall (inches)

What’s the flight time?

10 hours

What’s the time difference?

GMT +4

Do I need a visa to enter the country?

Not required.

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