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Honeymoon packages vs DIY breaks

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Fancy the ease of booking a honeymoon package through a tour operator, or would you prefer the freedom of organising it yourself?

Fancy the ease of booking a honeymoon package through a tour operator, or would you prefer the freedom of organising it yourself?

Honeymoon packages

The point of a package honeymoon is that your tour operator or travel agent books and organises everything for you ‐‐ flights, transfers, accommodation and any extras. Be sure to shop around and compare prices between different operators.


  • You don’t have to worry about booking anything yourself.
  • It’s a stress‐free way of booking a holiday ‐‐ a one‐stop shop.
  • You can organise everything about your honeymoon through one contact and by making one booking.
  • An operator specialising in a particular area will have expert knowledge and will be able to advise you on hotels, transport and activities.
  • It can often be good value, as operators have access to block‐booked hotels and flights.
  • Your tour operator might be able to get free upgrades for you.
  • You can go one step further and book an all‐inclusive holiday, where all food, drinks and activities are included.


  • You’ll be limited by a certain choice of hotels and flights, with less flexibility than if you planned it yourself.
  • You may find that there are hidden extras ‐‐ be sure to check exactly what’s included.
  • There’s little chance of putting your individual stamp on your honeymoon if you go with a mass market operator. Instead, choose a small tour operator who can organise a bespoke holiday for you.

DIY honeymoons

If you like the idea of organising your own more personalised honeymoon, you may be happier taking on the planning yourself. Make sure you do plenty of research, both online and with maps and travel guide books.


  • You’re in control and can be sure that you’ll plan something you’ll both enjoy.
  • You can research the destinations you’re interested in to get the most out of them.
  • Using the Internet will give you access to some of the best hotel and flight deals around.
  • You can tailor‐make your own honeymoon without the threat of any unwanted surprises or hidden extras.
  • You can be much more flexible and keep things open for some spontaneity once you’re away.
  • You should be able to save money by taking advantage of online deals which aren’t available through travel agents.


  • It takes much more time to organise your own holiday, which you may not have in the middle of your wedding plans.
  • You may lack the information on how to fully take advantage of all your options.
  • You won’t have a point of contact to advise you on your chosen destination.

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