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9 of the Best Ideas For a Romantic Getaway

16th March 2017 |By | Be the first to comment

One of the joys of being in a relationship is going on holiday together. And the possibilities of what you can do there are endless! So whether you’re looking for tranquillity, beauty, or just the rush of new experiences, here are 9 great ideas for a romantic getaway.

1. Mountain Retreat

There are few things as awe-inspiring as a towering mountain view—be that in a homely log cabin with a crackling log fire deep in the snowy Himalayas, or a luxury resort among the magnificant sandstone spires of the American West.

2. Beach Hut

A secluded beach hut in a tropical paradise and just the two of you can be one of the most tranquil getaways in the world. The hot sun and gentle tides of these album-worthy locations create a holiday heaven you’ll never want to leave. They have to be seen to be believed!

3. Camping

Whether it’s a luxury caravan, a cosy tent, or an extravagant marquee, there’s no better way to experience the great outdoors. You’ll never look at camping in the same way again.

4. Country Cottage

Private, serene, self-catered, a country cottage is the ultimate escape for couples looking for a weekend away. At home or abroad, you’ll find all manner of cottages to choose from in a whole range of locations—an oakbeamed log cabin in an enchanting woodland, a stone cottage looking out across the sea, or a timber lodge set on the bank of a lake.

Treworgey Cottages - Honeysuckle Cottage and Laurel Cottage |

Above, Treworgey Cottages – Honeysuckle Cottage and Laurel Cottage.

5. Romantic Cities

Whether it’s Venice or Paris or at home in the UK, you can take in the sights of the city during the day and plan for a romantic candlelit dinner at night. Check out our top 10 traditional honeymoon locations here.

6. Boat Trips

Anything from a simple day trip to a cruise carrying you all around the Mediterranean, a boat trip is the ultimate in travelling at leisure. Visit all kinds of islands and experience all kinds of cultures, or go and watch whales and dolphins playing at sea.

7. Spa Weekend

Pamper yourself silly and come back feeling great. Combine this with travelling to a new location you’ve always wanted to visit and you have the makings of holiday perfection.

8. Snow Bound

A snowy getaway is perfect for the couples who love cuddling together under warm blankets with mugs of steaming hot choclolate as they watch the stars or the northern lights. However they are equally as fun for adventurous couples who live for the adrenaline rush of cross‐country skiing or riding in a horse‐driven sledge.

9. Safari

A must for lovers of romance and of nature everywhere, a safari getaway is an experience designed to be shared. See some of the most fascinating animals in the world in some of the most jawdropping locations—cheetahs sprinting across the sun dried African plains, zebras grazing in the grassy savannas, and herds of buffalo that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Make Your Getaway Even More Special:

To make sure you wrangle the best deal possible for your romantic getaway, here are some things to ask for when booking your stay:

A room with a great view
Express check‐in and check-out
A later check‐out time at no extra charge
A big bath (for a candlelit bubble bath for two!)
A room away from elevators, meeting rooms, and busy corridors
Any free extras such as arrival gifts or breakfast in bed

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