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The Gift of Honeymoon Travel

25th February 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

The Gift of Honeymoon Travel from

Are you and your love planning on jetting off around the world after you say ‘I do’? With the help of honeymoon gift list companies such as Patchwork Present and Buy Our Honeymoon, you and your honey don’t have to bear the cost of a luxury hols on your own. Allow your wedding guests to give you the gift of honeymoon travel!

In 2014, a majority brides-to-be either asked for cash wedding gifts or set up a honeymoon fund in lieu of gifts. In fact just seven more brides-to-be reported asking for cash asking for contributions towards a honeymoon fund. For couples who have already moved in together before their wedding day or who simply don’t need traditional wedding gifts, asking for money or contributions toward a trip is a perfect compromise.

Of course, with the costs of honeymoons steadily rising, the economic reality for most couples is that money is the most useful gift they can ask for. To meet the demand of couples requesting money and to make the process a lot less daunting, a number of companies offer couples the option to set up a honeymoon gift list which simply allows wedding guests to donate money direct into a fund that they know will be used for the couple’s honeymoon.

5 reasons to choose a honeymoon gift list:

  1. Because you want an unforgettable, trip of a lifetime for your honeymoon
  2. Because you and your partner already have everything you need for your house
  3. Because you need the financial help to fulfill your honeymoon dreams
  4. Because it’s easier than asking for cash
  5. Because companies such as Patchwork Present and Buy Our Honeymoon make it easy and fun to ask for contributions toward your hols

How do I set up my honeymoon gift list?

Exactly how you set up your honeymoon gift list will vary depending on your needs and the company you decided to use, but one thing will always be true: set up your honeymoon gift list by thinking of what you and your partner want!

Patchwork Present

Patchwork Present is one of our favourite honeymoon gift list suppliers! Their service is free, easy to use and colourful. For couples looking to fund their honeymoon, customise one of the pre-prepared travel patchworks or create your own. Then send to your friends and family, who’ll choose which bits of your honeymoon they’d like to fund. Instead of just giving you £20 toward an ambiguous holiday in Rome, your best mate can decide to give you £20 toward cocktails at a trendy Roman bar.

Check out our mock Patchwork Present from

We had a play on Patchwork Present and had fun designing this patchwork for a mock honeymoon in Koh Samui! It was so easy and fun to do; check it out:

Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon allows couples to begin their married lives with a trip of a lifetime! Their service, which costs £55, aids couples in creating and managing a unique wishlist of gifts for their dream honeymoon. There’s no need to ask for traditional gifts; instead, with Buy Our Honeymoon, you put together a list of experiences and activities for your honeymoon including airport transfers, meals out and activities for two. Your guests then fund what they’d like to, ensuring they’re part of your big day and that you receive exactly what you need!

Buy Our Honeymoon Sample from

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