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Reviews and Testimonials


“Excellent re-vamp! The site is so much easier to use and faster too. Thank you”



“This site is really interesting, and it’s a lot better than the old confetti, and much faster. Thanks!”



“I wouldn’t have known how much planning a wedding takes if I hadn’t seen your site. Hopefully you can help me with all the preparations. With the amount of family involved, it’s nice to have an objective view on what we need to do. ”


“Thank you for the introduction of a wonderful website. ”



“The Noble Venue Guide has saved my bacon! A comprehensive guide is precisely what I’ve needed. Excellent stuff. Your site has been the first that has really offered me what I needed.”


“A great site. At last a service for the UK, not American like all the others”



“A fantastic site”



“I will definitely recommend Confetti to my friends”



“It was very easy to sign up to Confetti. Both myself and my fiancée will be using this in the run-up to our wedding”



“Your site is great”



“I added your site to my webpage as a hotlink because I thought it was so good”



“This is a really helpful and informative site. It has really got me thinking about my future wedding!”



“Registering was quick and simple. After just a quick browse I’m sure I’ll find your site extremely informative and helpful. Thank you.”



“After reading glowing reports about your site in the press, I am very pleased with the information and services that you offer”



“I have found the service offered by confetti to be extremely helpful. The attention to detail has been most impressive. This is certainly a service I would highly recommend to others.”



“Confetti is a wonderful site”


“I have just come back from honeymoon with my wife, and have returned to Confetti to say thanks for a great site that helped us a lot. We purchased many magazines etcetera to try and get some ideas for the day but found these often stated the obvious, and your website told us everything we needed to know. It helped immensely with my most stressful part (in my mind anyhow) the speech. I printed I don’t know how many pages of advice for me and my best man, and all info was invaluable. Anyhow, my wife, Eve and myself had a great day (something I didn’t think would be possible, what with all the stress involved) and would like to thank all involved with this site.”


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