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Reviews and Testimonials


“Just a note to say thanks so much for your website – much support offered and advice given. The message boards have been great along with the Confetti shop. I have successfully sold my dress via them. I had an amazing wedding day & am really enjoying married life. ”



“I have to say I ordered a pack of 10 champagne coloured cameras yesterday and they arrived today. Confetti staff were very helpful and I am really chuffed with them. Thanks again for the special offer!”



“This last week, not only did I win the Optima Picnic Back Back but I paid a visit to The Manifesto counter at Harvey Nichols to be absolutely spoilt as part of the Isabella Rossellini promotion. I want to thank everyone at Confetti and the sponsors, both for an extremely helpful website and for the fantastic competitions and offers. I’m really having fun and I’m only the bridesmaid!”



“Hi There. Just a note to say that your site looks fab. So easy to navigate and each page leads on nicely to the next… The best content site I have ever used.”



I’d just like to say how glad I am that a friend recomended you! I’ve got lots of advice & got the answer to questions without having to constantly bug friends &family.



“I would just like to express my pleasure at this excellent site you are running. I am due to be best man at a wedding at the weekend and have found this site fantastic and packed full of hints, tips and useful advice. Keep up the good work!”


“I logged on to Confetti out of curiosity, not sure of what I would find. I have to say I am seriously impressed. Create your own web pages? Balance your budget? Design your own cards? The range of tools is quite something, it is really excellent. The design is superb, clear and intuitive. But the tools are what clinched it for me: absolutely inspired. You are doing a marvellous job.”



“I thought, that because I was older and planning my second wedding that your web site would be of no use to someone like me. In fact, it has been very useful, given me lots of helpful contacts and all sorts of ideas. I thought that if I was not a 18 year old, size 10 bride you would not be interested, but I was wrong. Thank you so much for you help so far.”



“As a born organiser, I thought I’d be fine with all the planning and things, but even with support from my parents I still find myself unsure of certain things. It’s nice to know that I can tap into a wealth of knowledge and advice – and all from the same website that has been providing me with ideas for gifts, table accessories and helping me plan budgets! Thanks again”



“I’d like to say thank you. I just wish that this kind of help had been available when I got married eight years ago! My best friend got married last week and your forum was brilliant. You are doing a great job and I wish I’d found you earlier.”



“The tips and ideas on Confetti have been really useful and I’ve had quite a laugh reading some and my heart has been jerked by others – it’s nice to know that there are others under the same kind of stress and having the same sorts of problems.”


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