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Reviews and Testimonials


“I think Confetti is excellent because whatever the problem, just mention it on the message boards and you realise you’re not alone!”



“I read the message boards and love the advice and ideas given.”



“The tips you pick up on Confetti are brill.”


“I’m finding loads of useful info on Confetti and really like finding out about everyone’s experiences!”



“I have found confetti really useful and found things out that I would never have thought of.”



“Confetti is useful to everyone whatever their age.”



“I found it very useful, I could access it from home or work, my bridesmaids and the best man used it for reference throughout all the planning. Very helpful! My mum found her shoes and handbag that way. My mum and I both have spine problems so it was a great service to be able to find and contact suppliers from home. It certainly cut down the amount of walking we had to do.”



“Get ideas, find suppliers, chat with other brides, in fact I have made quite a few friends through Confetti!”



“Buy my confetti, find a band and also find a bridal shop. It is the first place I look! Virtually our whole day has been organised by confetti pages and advice and ideas – so thank you.”



“This is an invaluable service as I live in London, but am planning my wedding in Yorkshire, so keep up the good work!.”



“I found out everything I needed to know about getting married. I loved a poem that was printed on your site called ‘I will be here’. We will be having it read at our wedding. The words are beautiful..”



“My partner and I, were not sure who does what and when – but we do now.”


“This is the most fantastic web site for brides to be. I wish I had found this site a long time ago. Well done – keep up the good work.”



“This Saturday is our ‘big day’ and it only seems like yesterday that my fiancé told me about your web site and I signed on for the first time. Being a Canadian and getting married in Britain has proven to be a large learning curve. We speak the same language but what a difference in culture! So your web site has given me some help and some insights – so keep up the good work!”



“Thanks very much Betti. You’re a lifesaver!”



“I have found your site really useful. I will definitely recommend it to anyone getting married. I have become seriously addicted to the message boards.”



“Thanks for this opportunity and thanks for a great and helpful site.”



“I’m going to be the one and only bridesmaid at my friend Susan’s wedding and I logged on to your web page to get as genned up as I can. It’s got some good stuff, as well as the competitions. Keep up the good work.”



“Many thanks, not only for getting back to me, but also for being so prompt.”



“What a great site. It covers almost everything and has some great ideas too.”



“Thank you, thank you, thank you – and congratulations as well on an excellent website -out of the many wedding sites out there this really is THE BEST! Helpful articles, gorgeous gifts, divine dresses – what more could a girl ask for…you’ve even got my fiancé hooked! We are especially excited about being able to have our own site, which we will be using this year for the wedding – maps, hotel details, gift list details etc…and all thanks to confetti!”


“As a strict (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, I was most impressed with the advice you give on veggie/vegan food. It was very accurate & gave a positive light on the subject.”



“Wow! Thank you for your truly speedy reply to my question yesterday! What a great idea to have someone on hand to answer all questions. Keep up the good work – I shall have to recommend you to my friends who are getting married. ”



“Thank you for your quick reply, you have just made my day.”



“So far so good, the site is really excellent and there’s so much to take in I think I’ll be on this for hours of wedding fun!”



“When I was told about this site I did not think that it would be as good as it sounded but we were astonished by the difference that it has made to us to know that there is a site with so much information to help us. It is a hard time organising a wedding but with the help of confetti it has made life a lot easier thank you for everything.”

Linda and Mark


“So far it has been great and all our friends and family have loved it as we live overseas and it was a great way to share the wedding with them. Thank you”



“I love your web site”



“I love the idea of a site where I can plan my wedding and you have made it so fun and easy to use. If I ever know of anyone else that is getting married I will certainly recommend that they use this service. I believe it is the best web page I have visited so far .. keep up the good work.”



“Thanks so much for a prompt reply – such service!! I’d recommend you to anyone.”


“Thanks for a great website from a really excited Bride and Groom …confetti will be helping us keep in touch with family and friends who aren’t near us …keep it up!”

Michelle & Paul


“A fantastic site. Now I wish my wedding was tomorrow”



“This is an excellent idea, as there seems to be everything here for the big day”



“Just a quick note to say how helpful and interesting I found your site. It will no doubt be a very useful tool for our wedding. Thanks for making it all so interesting”



“Very easy to use, helpful and informative”



“Just wanted to comment on what seems to be an excellent site so far- I’ll keep using it!”



“I think your website is excellent and a real help for anyone planning a wedding”


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