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5 First Dance Photos to Recreate on Your Wedding Day

Written by    Last updated: October 12, 2015

Beautiful backdrops, flowing moves and elegant venues make for stunning wedding photography. Here are five fabulous first dance photos to recreate on your wedding day.

First dance at Laura and Kriss' real wedding by Douglas Fry |

Image courtesy of Douglas Fry

First dance photos are some of the most romantic images of your whole day as they show you together as newlyweds in embrace, surrounded by all your loved ones. Have your photographer stay on after the wedding breakfast, to capture your first dance moves to complete your wedding album in real style.

1. The Dramatic Dancefloor Shot

Stylish chandeliers, high ceilings, polished dance floors and low lighting can all add to the mood. Ask your photographer to capture the height and grandeur of your reception venue in a composition featuring the full line of your bridal gown.

First dance photo courtesy of Pinterest  |

First dance embrace courtesy Pinterest  |

Courtesy of Pinterest

2. The Embrace

One of the most timeless and romantic shots will be of your embrace on the dance floor. Make sure there is a a close up capturing your faces cheek to cheek, with arms in hold, and a longer shot featuring the swish of your gown and beauty of the surroundings.

First dance embrace courtesy Pinterest  |

First dance courtesy Pinterest |

Courtesy of Pinterest

3. The Quirky Couple Shot

For couples who like to express themselves this one is not to be missed. It really doesn’t matter if you’re performing a sultry Argentine Tango or free-styling it on the dance floor, just be yourselves, have fun, and the photographer will capture your personal style as you do.

First dance photo courtesy of Pinterest  |

Courtesy of Pinterest

 4.  The Romantic Lift

If you’re planning to perform a specially learned dance with The First Dance Company, for instance, complete with a lift, make sure your photographer knows to capture it. Such a dramatic shot could make an amazing addition to your home, once framed or on canvas.

5. The Artistic Angle

Get arty staged shots including all your guests, with a high angle or a slower shutter speed effect. An artistic look can be achieved with some amazing effects.

First dance photo courtesy Pinterest |

Courtesy Pinterest

First dance photo courtesy Pinterest |

Courtesy Pinterest

Find your wedding photographer and The First Dance Company in the Directory.

First dance at Laura and Kriss real wedding by Douglas Fry |

Courtesy of Douglas Fry


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