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DIY Friday: Decorative Bottle Vases

6th March 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Pretty floral arrangements are a big part of spring and can work as a very budget-friendly piece of wedding decoration. But the flowers you use can look even more stunning if you use your ingenuity on the containers holding them! So for this DIY Friday we’ll be looking at decorative bottle vases filled with flowers! You can do so much to edit a simple bottle or vase to your taste…and with Mother’s Day on the horizon, here you can get inspired for a lovely floral gift for Mum!

Decorative Bottle Vases |

Look #1 – Charms and Trims

What You’ll Need:

To get the same effect we have, you’ll need:

Decorative Bottles Ingredients |


Adding charms and trims adds a beautiful layered effect to your glass bottles. Different textures, colours and embellishments add a whole new level of creative opportunity. Attach ribbon, string, twine, or fabric to your bottles around the neck or the body in all kinds of combinations to match your theme or colour scheme. Then you can attach something extra decorative like a charm or key ring too to finish it off. All of this is a fantastic way to add character to your bottles. And don’t forget to finish the look with some of your favourite flowers!

Clear Glass Bottles Decoration |

Look #2 – Mix and Match

What You’ll Need:

To get the same effect we have, you’ll need:

Decorative Bottles Collection |


To get a really striking collection of decorative bottles, you’ll want to collect a selection of different sizes, shapes, and colours. This works particularly well if you’re using your bottles as wedding table decorations and centrepieces, for you can experiment with all kinds of designs to bring dimension to your decor.

Decorative Floral Bottles |

Look #3 – Personalisation

What You’ll Need:

To get the same effect we have, you’ll need:

White Floral Bottles |


Personalisation is a huge factor in taking a somewhat generic idea and making it unique. Use motifs, monograms, stickers, engraving, and embellishments to make bold or subtle personalisations. For your wedding don’t be afraid to decorate your bottled with the wedding date or yours and your partner’s names. It’s your day, so make your mark!

Woodland White Vases |

More Ideas:

Take these ideas into more than just glass bottles and vases! Use lanterns and baskets, candle holders and glass goblets to give a pretty spin to your wedding decoration. So many variables determine whether something matched your chosen theme—the colours, the styles, and the flowers you use, for example. The big secret is to experiment to find what suits you best.

Flowers and Vases |

Above, clockwise from the top-left: Frosted Sea Blue Bottle with Cork Stopper | Glass Bottle with Ombre Smoke Decoration | Vintage Inspired Clear Pressed Glass Goblet | Vintage Inspired Clear Pressed Glass Flute

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