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DIY Mini Bottle Overhang

3rd June 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

Add a dash of whimsical to your wedding with a beautiful DIY mini bottle overhang! Such a versatile hanging decoration, it’s perfect for any theme or season. Hang it above the top table at your wedding reception, or above the spot you’ll say your I dos. Any way you use it, it’s a gorgeous floral statement piece. Read on to see how you can make your own!

DIY Mini Bottle Overhang |

What You’ll Need:

Hanging Bottles DIY What You'll Need |

  • Two wooden poles of suitable length. Ours were 40″  long, but this will vary depending on how large your overhang will be.
  • Mini Clear Glass Bottles. Our overhang took 11 bottles, but you might want to use more or less.
  • Fabric Ribbon
  • Fishing line
  • Floral Tape
  • Ivy
  • A selection of flowers


Step 1: Before you begin, check whether or not your venue is suitable for a hanging display of this kind. That could mean you asking for permission or finding out if they have the appropriate rigging you need.

Step 2: Begin by wrapping your poles with fabric ribbon, and secure the fabric at each ends with glue or pins.

Poles Wrapped in Fabric |

Step 3: Use fishing line to attach the wrapped poles to a couple of rigging points in the ceiling (we used two standard ceiling hooks for each pole). Keep the poles roughly 20″ apart, with the back pole hanging slightly higher than the front.

Step 4: Secure a thin base of ivy to your poles with floral tape. Don’t cover the poles completely, as you need to leave room for the hanging bottles.

Ivy-Wrapped Pole |

Step 5: Attach your mini bottles to the poles with fishing line; hang some in the front and some in the back, at different heights.

Hanging Bottles |

Step 6: As you keep adding bottles (you could even add in another style of bottle!) , fill in the various spaces and continue to vary the heights. Try not to overlap the bottles on the front and back poles or your overhang may start to look a bit untidy.

Hanging Wedding Decor |

Step 7: When you’ve added as many bottles as you want, complete the look by adding cuttings of flowers to the bottles with a bit of water. You could even add bits of ribbon and charms to each bottle.

Step 8: Touch up your poles by adding in some more ivy, strategically covering as many pieces of tape as you can.

Hanging Flowers |

The Final Look:

Hanging Vases |

Wedding Flowers DIY |

Mini Vases Decor |

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