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DIY Succulent Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favours

22nd July 2016 |By | Be the first to comment

Succulents are growing increasingly popular in the weddingsphere. And no wonder! They’re pretty and low maintenance and make a great finishing touch to any rustic, city wedding. So today we’re looking at making some cute and stylish DIY succulent mini mason jar wedding favours!

Summer Succulent Mini Mason Jar Favours |

What You’ll Need:

Mason Jars |


Step 1: Begin by giving your mason jars a thin layer of grey spray paint. It doesn’t have to be even, as this will help the overall shabby chic look.

Mason Jar DIY |

Step 2: Leave your base coat to dry, and then use your paintbrush to coat your mason jars with vintage paint. Use all kinds of brush strokes—up and down, side to side, diagonal—and once again don’t worry about too even an application. By allowing your base grey to show through your vintage paint, you get a gorgeous aged finish.

Step 3: Before the vintage paint can dry, use your finger or a piece of cloth to rub away the paint where you’d like more of your base grey to show through—like the letters on your mason jars.

Urban Wedding Favours |

Step 4: Fill your mason jars with soil (right up to the neck of the jars) and, using a variety of succulent types and colours, transfer your succulents into the jars.

Succulent Wedding Favours |

Step 5: Complete your succulent mason jar favours with a grey stake and a tag.

Mason Jar Favours |

The Final Result:

Succulent Favours |

The Details:

City Wedding Favours |

Succulent Mason Jars |

Wedding Succulents |

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