DIY Wedding – Heart & Ribbon Place Cards

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These unbelievably simple place cards are so easy to make, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll make dozens! The colours are easily customised to fit your theme by using your choice of paper and ribbon, and the finished place cards are easily attached to rolled-up napkins or wine glasses by tying the ribbon into a pretty bow.

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

Not only are these cute and easy to make, they are also extremely practical – just make a few extra ones to account for any last minute guest list changes, and you won’t have to worry about finding matching place cards just days before the wedding!

What you’ll need

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

What to do

Using the ruler, mark your paper and cut into strips 1.5 inches wide, then cut the strips into cards 4 inches long each.

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

Punch holes along the edge of each card – you need an even number of holes. To make this easier, draw small dots with the pencil along the edge of the card where the hearts should be, and use the hole punch upside down!

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

Cut ribbon into 30 inch lengths if you are wrapping it around napkins, and about 20 inches if you are wrapping it around wine glasses or other small objects. Weave the ribbon through the hearts over and under on each side, then gently pull the ribbon so both loose ends are even.

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

Either side of the card can be used as the right side – you can embellish it further by adding a small glitter heart-shaped trim at the top end.

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

When finished, tie the two loose ends of the ribbon into a bow close to the card edge, then use the leftover length to tie the cards to napkins or wine glasses etc. There are many ways you can punch the cards to make pretty patterns – here are a few examples, in various card and ribbon colours.

DIY Wedding Reception Place Cards

All that’s left to to is to write the guests’ names on the finished cards. We recommend you do this only when the guest list is finalised, alternatively make around 10 more to be prepared for any last-minute changes in the guest list.

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