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DIY Friday: A Touch of Glamour with Sparkling Wedding Bouquets

15th August 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

A Touch of Glamour Sparkling Wedding Bouquets

We have a very pretty DIY idea for you this week as we look toward the glitz and glam of jewels, gems and everything sparkly. Did you ever feel like your wedding flowers were lacking a spark—or twinkle—that could really add a simple yet striking final touch to your floral accessories?

Pale Pink Sparkling Flowers

Flower and GemsAbove, from the left: Crystal Flower on 6cm Needle10mm Faux Diamond on 6cm Needle (also available as an 8mm Faux Diamond)

Square and Heart Crystal NeedlesOther crystal needles include: Clear Sparkle Heart on 6cm Needle | Crystal Square on 6cm Needle

Pink and Cream Sparkling Flowers

Flower Bud and Gems

What You’ll Need:

  • Flowers of your choice (in this tutorial we’ve used pink ranunculus and pink parrot tulips)
  • A pair of sheers
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire and tape
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Crystal needles of your choice

Sparkling Wedding Bouquets Items

The Look:

Very simply, you gather your flowers of choice—using your sheers or other good cutting tools to cut the stems to the right length—and insert the crystal needles (again, the style will be your choice) into the flowers themselves. Then you assemble all the flowers together as a bouquet like any other—use floral wire and tape to keep the flower arrangement in place—and wrap it up in a pretty ribbon (or a strip of lace, or any other material you wish to use).

Round Sparkling Wedding Bouquet

Pale Pink Round Bouquet

Pale Pink Sparkling Flower


Make sure the length of the crystal needles you choose will work with the flowers you wish to use. You don’t want needles sticking everywhere!

Also, creating a wedding bouquet can come with many different challenges. Unless you’re a very arts-and-crafts-savvy person with a good understanding of flowers, we recommend that you work with your florist to create your perfect bouquet instead of doing it all yourself.

Pink and Cream Sparkling Bouquet

Sparkling Pink and Cream Flower Bouquet

Pink and Cream Flowers

Artificial Flowers:

As mentioned, different flowers will work better than others with crystal needles. But we mustn’t forget about the option of artificial flowers; they are so realistic these days that you can hardly tell the natural from the silk, and they are a much safer option if you wish to experiment with your own design ideas. They are much easier to preserve too! (See our articles, How to Dry Out Your Wedding Bouquet and How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet at Home, for some of the different ways to preserve your natural-flower bouquets. And for more on artificial flowers, see here.)

Budding Sensations Sparkling FlowersAbove: Artificial Flowers by Budding Sensations


You needn’t stick only to making your wedding bouquets sparkle! This idea can be applied to anything from floral centrepieces, wedding and reception decoration, buttonholes, and corsages.

Fusions Sparkling FlowersAbove: Flowers by Fusions

Alternative Materials:

We offer many decorative items and accessories in our shop, including alternative materials like burlap and hessian, ribbons of silk, satin and jute, string and twine, glamourous gems and jewels and crystal garlands. Browse today for lots of ideas and inspiration!

Ribbon and TwineAbove, clockwise from the top-left: Plain and Personalised RibbonRuffled Jute Ribbon Trim with Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim and Craft Paper Twine | Burlap Wrap by the Roll with Pink and White Lace | Ruffled Canvas Ribbon Trim | Hessian Ribbon and Twine

Gems Jewels Crystals and GarlandsAbove, clockwise from the top-left: 3 Diamante Silver Wire Pack | Clear Acrylic Beaded Garland | Faux Jewels – Small Roll | Large Rectangular Crystal Buckle (also available in Small) | Vintage Style Crystal Pear Drop Brooch


Are you looking for a wedding florist or wedding flower supplier? Look in our directory! Also, there are hundreds of brides and brides-to-be in the Confetti forums who would be happy to offer help and advice.




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