The Guide to Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day

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Naturally, Valentine’s Day is saturated with romance. From the love heart sweeties school kids share to bouquets of roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes, romantic getaways and dinner reservations. No matter age, race or gender, Valentine’s Day is popular with everyone and one of the most popular ways to celebrate is by asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. With millions of engagements occurring each 14 February, we’ve put together a guide to help you wade through the months following your proposal.

The Guide to Getting Engaged on Valentine's Day |

Will they or won’t they?

Before you can plan the months following your engagement, you need to determine the likelihood of actually getting asked! While we won’t claim to know when or even if your partner might pop the question, we put together a fun article on some statistically proven telltale engagement signs! Study up and see if a Valentine’s Day proposal could be on the cards for you!

Think of an Ideal Season

Do you love the idea of snow falling as you say your vows to your partner? Or perhaps your dream wedding takes place on a sandy beach, set against a backdrop of blue sea and skies? Knowing the season you’d like to get married will help you to narrow down a date and a theme.

Beachside wedding from

Remember to consider the pros and cons of each season. While you may love the idea of a beach themed wedding, walking on sand might prove difficult for guests with reduced mobility, for instance. If you’re keen to have a wedding in winter, take into consideration the risk of inclement weather and how this may effect your plans.

Autumn Wedding Theme from

Dress your autumn wedding with decor from

Autumn weddings are some of the most popular, lending naturally to outdoor ceremonies when foliage is at its best in various shades of red and orange. Be mindful of companies that will charge you a premium to tie the knot in the autumn months. Likewise with spring being official wedding season, there may be stiff competition over booking your favourite venue or photographer, so be prepared to plan well in advance to secure what you want.

Choose a Stunning Theme

No wedding is complete without a theme! Themes aid in the planning process and can help to keep you on track and budget, ensuring you purchase only what you need for your wedding. You theme is likely to be dictated by the time of year you’d like to get married, although this doesn’t have to be a rule. Many themes can be successfully pulled off no matter the season.

Inner city vibes from an industrial chic wedding theme from

Create the look with products from’s Industrial Theme

When deciding on a theme, it’s helpful to think of weddings you’ve seen or been to that struck a chord with you–do you like the timeless classics of ivory and white? Are you swayed by the edgy, inner city vibes of metallics and urban decor? Maybe you can’t resist the subtle mix of pearls and burlap? Identify the look you like most and set this as your theme.

Set your theme early on in your wedding planning process because it will dictate what style of venue you choose, the decor used in your ceremony and reception as well as determining the type of invitations and favours you give to your guests. Take inspiration from some of the most popular wedding themes we have to offer in our shop or forge your own path by mixing and matching elements from across a variety of styles.

Find the Perfect Postcode

Location, location, location! Location really is everything and weddings can happen just about anywhere. From the ornate rooms in a country manor to a conventional hotel function room. Maybe for you, the perfect wedding location isn’t one built with bricks and mortar, but being in the great outdoors.

Woodland Wedding Theme from

Get back to nature with’s Woodland Theme

Woodland weddings are rising in popularity (weather permitting, of course!) and can make for a beautiful and unique ceremony or reception locale. Take to the woods with your guests for a rustic, au naturale experience they won’t soon forget!

If you’re more keen on sticking with tradition or don’t fancy journeying into the woods, determine the type of venue you’d most like to get wed in and go about finding suitable options in your postcode. Don’t forget that with the accessibility of public transport, your guests may be willing to do a bit of traveling to get your ideal location. Find the perfect wedding venue in any postcode in our directory!

Pick Your Party

Bridal party, that is! Whether you’re going for a large bridal party or a smaller affair, it’s important to choose people who will be suitable for the job. With being a chief bridesmaid or best man comes a lot of responsibility and just because someone is your bessie mate, doesn’t mean they’d be the right person for the job.

It can be a difficult decision to make, but trust us, take the stress out your wedding by having the right support by your side and your day should go off without a hitch! Review our top tips for choosing your bridesmaids now!

Get Down to the Details

Now’s the time to start setting things in stone and thinking about dates, caterers, photographers, venues, outfits. This is when the fun of wedding planning takes off, but be warned, this can also be the most stressful time! Juggling dates and going on tastings, showarounds and booking interest meetings with florists and photographers can be really tricky and tiring! Our advice to you is to take it one element at a time. You don’t have to book everything within the first six weeks!

Start with the venue first as this will determine what your options are in terms of catering. For instance, if your venue doesn’t allow outside catering, then this is one less hassle to manage! Once you have the venue and the date secured, slowly book the remaining elements of your wedding and before long, everything will come together. With your strategically chosen support system by your side, you should find that the planning stages aren’t too overwhelming.

When Should I Book/Buy/Hire?

We’ve not given you specific dates or weeks to have things sorted by because we don’t think is necessarily the best way to plan a wedding. When you’ve chosen a date, that type of wedding planning can be helpful, but for the first few months, we suggest you bask in the moment of your engagement! And oh yes, congratulations if you’ve gotten engaged on Valentine’s Day!


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