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Wedding Gift Ideas for when there is no Gift List

Written by    Last updated: June 16, 2016

What do you get the couple who have no gift list? Here is our pick of some of the most wonderful wedding gift ideas for when there is no gift list, including deliciously stylish drinks decanters, fabulous fire pits and pretty plates.

Drinks decanters

If you know they enjoy a glass of wine then a beautiful wine decanter is bound to be appreciated. The Conundrum Wine Aerator Decanter, below left, has a unique design that helps to enhance both flavour and aroma, while the Emsa Flow, below right, allows optimum cooling thanks to an integrated cooling element. They are both stylish enough to make ideal wedding gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

The round drinks dispenser with stand, below, is a fabulous gift that could be filled with fruit slices and icey refreshing soft drinks, colourful cocktails, Punch, Sangria or wine. It can be used for summer barbeques and brought out at parties all year round. You might prefer this Apothecary style design or decorative glass bowl, both with integrated glass stand instead. A wonderful wedding gift idea.

Home wares

We all love home wares and most of us enjoy tea and coffee daily, so an unusual or vintage set like this Oriental tea set, ideal for green tea, could be just the thing. A lovely gift for a health conscious or tea-loving couple.

These ultra modern coffee machines will excite any coffee lover. The Smarter Coffee Machine on the left is WiFi compatible so it can be controlled from anywhere in the home via Wifi and scheduled with an alarm so you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee!

Fire pits and pretty plates

For couples who love a barbeque or like to go camping this cool portable camping fire pit with grill has folding legs for easy storage and even its own carry bag. An inexpensive, practical gift that will adorn a patio without taking up too much space.

For more wedding gift ideas and personalised gift inspiration please visit Wedding Gifts for Couples.


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  1. jessy says:

    collage frame is very creative gift !
    cushion/pillow cases is another one

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