Gary Lucy to marry his girlfriend

March 29, 2010. Written by

Gary Lucy to marry his girlfriend

Dancing on Ice star Gary Lucy is planning to tie the knot with his long-term girlfriend Natasha later this year.

The 28-year-old television actor and model revealed that he wants a beach wedding somewhere nice and warm, however, “it’s up to the lady to decide”.

He said: “Natasha is the woman I’m going to marry in 2010. If Natasha wants a big white wedding then that’s what she will have.”

The couple, who have been dating for six years, have a four-year-old daughter called India.

According to him, the training for the competition has put their plans for a another baby on hold.

He said: “Let’s just say there are whole parts of my body that are off limits since rehearsals kicked in. A second child isn’t going to happen until I’m back to normal.”

Practising the high wire work for the final has made him suffer chafing. He explained: “I’ve tried everything to stop the chafing – Vaseline and lambswool padding – but nothing has worked.”

Talking about spending time with Natasha, he said: “Natasha and I enjoy ‘skate porn’ at night now because that’s all we can do. We sit on the couch and watch my rehearsals so I can see what I’m doing wrong! She doesn’t mind though. She’s great like that.”

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