Anniversary planning countdown

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Use our anniversary checklist to make sure you’ve got everything in hand for the perfect wedding anniversary celebration…

One week beforehand

  • Clean out your fridge to give you more space for party food and drinks.
  • Buy non‐perishable food and drink items and plastic cutlery, cups and crockery.
  • Remember to provide non‐alcoholic drink for drivers and young guests.

The day beforehand

  • Start to decorate your house or venue and prepare food.
  • Make sure that you have cameras and a camcorder in working order and full of film.
  • Have you got enough corkscrews? If not, buy some!
  • Pick up the anniversary cake.

On the day

  • Put plenty of bin liners around the house so that people have somewhere to put empty bottles.
  • Put out food and drink and use paper tablecloths ‐‐ it makes cleaning up a lot easier.
  • Clear away any valuables which might get smashed.
  • Enjoy yourselves and have a toast to many more years of blissful marriage!

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