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Aries (21st March -19th April)

Written by    Last updated: March 14, 2007

Symbol: The ram
Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal  (Initiating, willing to change)
Mode: Intuition
Sign’s gender: Masculine
Qualities strongest at : Dawn (7am – 9am)
Lucky day : Tuesday
Season: Spring
Lucky number: 9
Lucky c olours: Red, orange
Lucky gems: Diamond, ruby, red coral, bloodstone
Metals ruled: Iron, steel
Plants linked: Thistle, nettle, red rose, basil
Body area vulnerable: Head, face, brain and blood
Chinese sign: Dragon (vitality and strength)
Native American: Hawk (courage and independence)
Keyword: ‘I am’, the need to be an individual

Characteristic Aries traits:

Positive: Energetic, confident, quick-minded, sharp, enthusiastic, courageous, independent, assertive, pioneering, entrepreneur, expressive, warm, passionate, loves adventure

Negative: Quick-tempered, naïve, impatient, impulsive, can be self-centred, taking unnecessary risks

Famous Aries Men

Johann Sebastian Bach
21 March
Andrew Lloyd Webber
22 March
Harry Houdini
Escape artist
24 March
Elton John
25 March
Vincent Van Gogh
30 March
Christopher Walken
31 March
Marlon Brando
3 April
Eddie Murphy
3 April
Jackie Chan
7 April
Russell Crowe
7 April
Leonardo da Vinci
15 April
Charlie Chaplin
16 April

Famous Aries Women

Name Fame Birthday
Reese Witherspoon Actor 22 March
Joan Crawford Actor 23 March
Gloria Steinem Feminist 25 March
Sarah Jessica Parker Actor 25 March
Mariah Carey Singer 27 March
Doris Day Actor 3 April
Bette Davis Actor 5 April
Billie Holiday Blues singer 7 April
Julie Christie Actor 14 April
Victoria Beckham Singer 17 April
Kate Hudson Actor 19 April
Ruby Wax Comedian 19 April

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