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Baby shower countdown

12th March 2007 |By | Be the first to comment

baby shower planning

Two months beforehand

  • Set the date and decide the location
  • Create guest list
  • Choose a theme if you prefer
  • Plan your activities: games and quizzes make a baby shower fun
  • Plan your menu: sit‐down dinner or easy buffet?
  • Choose your invitations
  • Order party treats and decorations from the Confetti shop

Three weeks beforehand

  • Send your invitations (include directions)
  • Order cake or bake and freeze
  • Finalise your menu and buy non‐perishable ingredients

One week beforehand

  • Buy paper plates and disposable cups and crockery if necessary
  • Phone your guests to make sure they’re still coming
  • Place orders for food if needed
  • Buy film for camera
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house
  • Buy and wrap presents (and game prizes if applicable) for the mum‐to‐be

The day beforehand

  • Decorate the party room
  • Pick up the cake if it’s shop‐bought
  • Buy perishable drinks and food
  • Set up the room with extra chairs and rearrange furniture if necessary
  • Make sure your camera and camcorders are charged and full of film and tape

On the day

  • Finish any last decorations and room arrangements
  • Set out food and drink and remember to provide napkins
  • Ask guests to sign a guestbook as a reminder of the day

Remember to arrange a comfy chair for the guest of honour to sit on.

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