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Decorating your table

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

Getting your table decoration right can really help to enhance the mood of your party

Party favours

Favours make great mementos of a special party. You could even combine your favours and place names into one.

Try these favour ideas:

  • a packet of seeds, or the guest’s or host’s favourite plant or flower.
  • buy everyone their own wineglass and engrave their name on it.
  • decorated flower pots; write the guests’ names on the plant tags and pop them inside.
  • large stones from a garden centre. Once cleaned you can use glass paint to write the guests’ names on them. Not only do these look good but your guests can take them home and use them as paperweights.
  • if you have children, get them to make dough shapes, cook them and write everyone’s name on them in gold ink.
  • use miniature photo frames with guests’ names where the photos should be, or if you can get a small photo of them and put it inside.
  • a box of love. Wrap up a small box, filled with confetti love hearts and attach a short poem to the side. On the other side write your guest’s name and thank them for coming.

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Don’t forget about the centre of the table! Flowers are traditional, but can get quite pricey. There are lots of great alternatives, many of which are more suitable for themed parties than fresh blooms.


  • floating candles in a bowl
  • balloons tied either to the back of chairs or to a weight in the centre of the table. (If in the centre make sure the ribbon tied to them is long enough not to obscure people’s faces round the table)
  • terracotta pots with plants in
  • scattered metallic confetti
  • indoor sparklers
  • big church candles

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