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Joke names, phonetic puns & prank names

21st March 2007 |By

Writers and journalists have amused both themselves and their readers by inventing humorous names over the years. The joke can be visual, like using initials as in M.T. Head or relating to social and professional titles as in Miss Trust, Sir Parr Stitt or Private Part.

Mother avoiding joke names when choosing her baby's name

Here are some joke names you should avoid when picking a name for your baby…

Al E.Gater Helen Hywater
Amanda Lynn Herbie Hind
Anita Room Holly Wood
Arty Fischel Horace Cope
Barry D.Hatchett Hugh Raye
Ben Dover Ima Hogg
Bennie Factor Iona Mink
Carole Singer Jack Pott
Chester Minit Jay Walker
Crystal Ball Jim Nasium
Dick Tate Joe King
Dinah Mite Justin Thyme
Don Keigh Kay Oss

Here are some more hilarious joke names and phonetic puns including some from a young Bart Simpson.

May B.Dunn Doris Shutt
Mel N.Colley Miles A.Head
Mona Lott Phil Landers
Polly C.Holder Poppy Cox
Reg Oyce Rex Cars
Rhoda Camel Rick O’Shea
Robyn Banks Russ Tinayle
Kirsten Swore Sally Forth
Drew A. Head Lee Vitoff
Sandy Beech Earl E.Bird
Levy Tate Sarah Nader
Eileen Dover Libby Doe
Serge A.Head Emma Nate
Lois Price Shirley U.Care
Felix Cited Lori Driver
Stan Dupp Frank N.Stein
Lorne Mowers Titus Zell
Gerry Atrick Lynn C.Doyle
Upton O.Goode Gladys Canby
Marius Quick Wade Moore
Gilda Lily Mand Lynne
Warren Peace Hedda Hare
Max E.Mumm Yul B.Allwright

Bart’s prank call names

Bart Simpson’s prank call names are great examples of how a seemingly innocuous arrangement of names can be made into something entirely ridiculous. It’s unlikely that you’ll have any of the surnames listed below, but it’s still worth remembering how pronunciation can change the meaning of names…

I.P. Freely Amanda Huggenkiss
Jacques Strap Ivana Tinkle
Al Coholic Anita Bath
Oliver Clothesoff Anita Man
Seymour Butz Maya Buttreeks
Homer Sexual Eura Snotball
Mike Rotch Ollie Tabooger
Hugh Jass Heywood U.Cuddleme
Bea O’Problem

Can you think of your own? Post them below!

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