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Wedding Anniversary

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the special day, then check out Confetti’s anniversary gift suggestions, from the simple and tasteful, to the more unusual suggestions, we have plenty of ideas to make sure that your partner is delighted with their gift.

Ruby? Silver? Paper? Tin!? It can be confusing working out which anniversary you’re actually celebrating, (especially if you’ve been married for a while!) but Confetti’s at-a-glance guide to anniversaries ensures that you’ll never be at a loss again. Coordinate your gifts with the anniversary for extra brownie points, particularly if you’re celebrating your 75th anniversary – diamond! If you’re having trouble thinking of gifts for the more unusual anniversaries such as the 7th – wool, or the 13th – lace, then Confetti’s gift guide will point you in the right direction.

Best Wedding Keepsake Boxes, Albums and Frames

23/06/16 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds, Occasions, Photography & Video, Wedding Anniversary, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Photography, Wedding Planning

A place for all your special wedding memories and photographs.This is our pick of the best wedding keepsake boxes, photo albums and frames. Wedding Keepsake Boxes A memory or keepsake box is lovely to look at on your wedding anniversary each year. Keep aside one of your invitations, an order of service and a copy of… read more

First Year of Marriage Bucket List

21/03/15 • After the Ceremony, Newlyweds, Wedding Anniversary

After all the excitement of planning your wedding for months and then the actual day itself, it can be a shock to the system to go back to the normal routine of everyday life. There’s no reason to let the fun and romance end there though! Write yourself a marriage bucket list to ensure that you… read more

Happy Pancake Day from

Happy Pancake Day with American Pancakes Recipe

17/02/15 • Newlyweds, Wedding Anniversary

We’d like to wish you a very happy pancake day! We fell head over heels for our Indie Couple wedding cake topper when our design team revealed it to us and then fell even more in love with it after we saw it on a stack of delicious pancakes! In fact, we loved this idea… read more

love premium wedding

Life after Weddings

14/12/13 • News, Wedding Anniversary

Here at Confetti, we’re always focused on the magical day of your wedding. But we’re also interested in what happens to our bride and grooms, our happily married couples, afterwards. Your first year together is a precious and important time and we’d like to hear all about it.  Our survey in conjunction with will… read more

Anniversaries & Celebrations

05/11/08 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary gift ideas and each anniversary years traditional anniversary gift. Find out ways to celebrate your party or celebration. Just because your wedding is over, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to celebrate. Start planning your first anniversary and give yourself something to look forward to after the excitement of the big day is over.… read more

Great anniversary gift ideas

06/06/06 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

1st anniversary: Paper Can it really be a year ago you said ‘I do’? Time flies when you’re having fun… Paper weddings have an edible tradition. If you opted for a fruit wedding cake, you can freeze the top tier and have it re-iced to eat on this day. Don’t stick to stationery for gifts… read more

Anniversary planning countdown

06/06/06 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

Use our anniversary checklist to make sure you’ve got everything in hand for the perfect wedding anniversary celebration… One week beforehand Clean out your fridge to give you more space for party food and drinks. Buy non‐perishable food and drink items and plastic cutlery, cups and crockery. Remember to provide non‐alcoholic drink for drivers and… read more

Take an anniversary trip…

06/06/06 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

What could be more romantic than taking an anniversary trip together to celebrate your big day? What better way to celebrate than escaping away together for a romantic anniversary trip? Whether it’s a nostalgia trip to the spot you first met, or just somewhere you always wanted to go, finding the ideal venue is the… read more

First Anniversary – Ten Ways To Celebrate

06/06/06 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

Your first anniversary is definitely worth celebrating in style, so why not take inspiration from our top ten first anniversary ideas? Congratulations. Celebrating your first year as a married couple is so exciting. It confirms your status as a proper husband and wife and it’s a time to look to the future together – although… read more

Wooden Memory Note Box with Anniversary Stationery

Anniversaries at-a-glance

06/06/06 • Occasions, Wedding Anniversary

Your at‐a‐glance guide to anniversary symbols and meanings Anniversary Gift 1st Paper 2nd Cotton 3rd Leather 4th Linen 5th Wood 6th Iron 7th Wool 8th Bronze 9th Pottery 10th Tin 11th Steel 12th Silk 13th Lace 14th Ivory 15th Crystal 16th Topaz 17th Amethyst 18th Garnet 19th Aquamarine 20th China 21st Brass 22nd Copper 23rd… read more