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To gift or not to gift? That is the question on many brides’ minds. Personally, we love the idea of a good wedding gift list–we think they’re a lovely way to give a newlywed couple a thoughtful send off into married bliss. Over the last few years, wedding gift lists have been debated, degraded and dubbed everything from passe to tacky. Let’s set the record straight and introduce you to three of the best wedding gift list services available today.

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You’ve only gone and met Mr Right and are thrilled to bits about embarking on the adventure that is married life! Wedding planning is going well, albeit with an occasional hiccup or two, and then you come to the task of the wedding gift list registry. If you’re like most brides, you’ll have gone straight to the internet for advice, perhaps seeking the guidance of other brides-to-be on a bridal forum or joining in discussions on a popular wedding site’s Facebook page.

Over the last two years or so, a trend has emerged in the wedding industry that we like to call The Great Gift List Debate. After decades of the wedding gift lists tradition, some people are alleging that they’re rude. (An article we posted a few years ago sparked intense debates about wedding gift lists!)

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We love the idea of a wedding gift list! There’s no nicer way to give the newlyweds a thoughtful send off than to equip them with the materials needed to live. Of course, years ago when the number of couples co-cohabiting was fewer and the marriage age was younger, it was a necessity to provide them with the essentials. But an increase in couples living together before marriage is no reason to be a wedding gift Scrooge. Read on for the best wedding gift list inspiration.

The ‘No gifts, please’ List

If you and Mr Right already have enough blenders, blankets and white goods, you can opt for the ‘No gifts, please’ list. Skip the gifts and ask your guests to donate to a charity or cause that’s meaningful for you. Consider choosing charities whose work could help honor the memory of a loved one, or simply choose a cause you support. Breakthrough Breast Cancer can assist you with setting up an online donations page. Instead of asking your guests to provide you with a gift, they can donate to your chosen charity.

The Gift List Experience

Choosing items for a wedding gift list, while fun, can be a tad overwhelming. Trying to remember everything you actually need and not bulking out your list with an abundance of cool gadgets is an exercise in restraint. John Lewis has a fantastic wedding gift list service with traditional products as well as contemporary electronics and gadgets.

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Before you and Mr Right embark on your gift list, line your bellies with a complimentary cuppa and slice of cake at John Lewis’ in-shop cafe. After the wedding, John Lewis will also arrange delivery of your gift list items to suit you. If you’d like your gifts to arrive before you jet off on your honeymoon, they will sort everything out. Alternatively, leave the arduous task of opening gifts until you’ve returned from your honeymoon; they’ll be stored safely with John Lewis until your agreed upon delivery date. If that’s not easy and convenient, we don’t know what is!

The Contributions List

A popular way to invite your wedding guests to be a part of your wedding celebration is by allowing them to contribute to a specific project, holiday or life event by way of monetary donation. Many brides choose this option instead of  traditional wedding presents, especially when they are not in need of any appliances or typical wedding gifts. Gift list organisation companies such as Patchwork Present make this an easy and attractive task!

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With Patchwork Present, you choose the event you’d like your wedding guests to help you fund. It can be anything you want from a dream destination honeymoon of a lifetime to help with purchasing your marital home. You then use Patchwork’s handy collection of stock images to create a mosaic moodboard of your requested gift. Write a bit about your gift and the elements that go into making it and provide your wedding guests with the link to Patchwork Present so that they can access our wedding gift list.

Mia Resort Nha Trang Vietnam

Allow your wedding guests to contribute to a destination honeymoon.

They will then choose an element of the gift to fund and make a payment online to Patchwork. You’ll receive the funds in your Paypal account so that they’re ready for you to use. Patchwork will keep track of everyone who contributes toward your gift and provide you with these details so that you may send out thank you cards. It’s effortless, unique and an idea we love!

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