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Wedding Budget & Costs

If cost is an issue then we’ll show you how you can have a Champagne wedding on a Cava budget with our top wedding budget tips. We’ll also share our secrets on how to save up for your wedding, by cutting slices out of your monthly spend, to help your pennies go further.

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How To Negotiate A Discount With Your Venue

06/12/16 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Planning

If you’d love to secure a lower price but don’t know where to start, here’s my guide on how to negotiate a discount with your venue to get the price you want to pay. Not every wedding venue will be able to offer a discount, but there are some who are only too happy to negotiate as they’d simply rather have the booking… read more

Wedding Planner Budget

Planning the Perfect Wedding Budget

02/05/16 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding starts with deciding on a realistic budget together. It could be the first time you disagree on priorities and have to work to find a compromise. The important thing is you both agree on how much you can spend on your wedding, so here’s just a few pointers to help you plan… read more

Save money as a bridesmaid

Money Saving Tips For Bridesmaids

23/10/15 • Wedding Budget & Costs

Being a bridesmaid may feel like a privilege but can also get quite costly, especially if a few of your friends are getting married around a similar time as you may end up as a bridesmaid more than once in a short space of time.  Here are our money saving tips for bridesmaids… Reuse shoes If the… read more

Wedding Planning Book

How to Create a Wedding Budget

19/10/15 • Wedding Budget & Costs

Thinking of how to create a wedding budget is a great way to keep on top of things and work out if you need to save some money to achieve the wedding you want. If you are planning to save, it is a good idea to set a budget before setting a date so you have… read more

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25 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

30/07/15 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Planning

The cost of weddings is steadily on the rise. Early reports indicate that the average wedding budget teeters around the £30,000 mark, so for those of us not exactly flush with spare cash to splash, saving is key! Here are 25 ways to save money on your wedding day! Genius! 1. Consider Less Popular Dates If… read more

Five Expenses You Left out of Your Wedding Budget

17/04/15 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Planning

When you’re so busy planning your big day, it’s easy to overlook hidden costs. Here are five expenses you left out of your wedding budget but need to consider. 1. Stationery Expenses You Left Out of Your Wedding Budget You know you need to account for the wedding invitations ‘and other stationery’ but it’s useful to break this down into… read more

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5 Wedding Reception Etiquette Tips

16/04/15 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning

No one wants to be the rude annoying guest at a wedding. Even worse, no one wants to be rude and annoying toward their guests. To assist you and ensure you put your best foot forward on your big day, we’re sharing five of the best wedding reception etiquette tips. Remember: every wedding is unique and should… read more

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Mauritius Weddingmoons with Beachcomber Tours

08/10/14 • Ceremony Alternatives, Honeymoons, Honeymoons & Travel, Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Receptions, Wedding Venues, Weddings Abroad

In Mauritius you can have a beautiful tropical wedding abroad, and afterwards you can dive straight into your honeymoon. A weddingmoon! They’re more than a wedding and more than a honeymoon—it’s the two rolled into one! Your Weddingmoon When planning for any weddingmoon abroad you’ll be looking for a gorgeous location that has all that… read more

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Confetti’s Wedding Planning Tools

07/09/14 • Seating & Table Plans, Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Checklists, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Receptions

Plan your wedding with Confetti! We’re here to help you through every step of your wedding journey, and so you have at your disposal our completely free wedding planning tools from invaluable check-lists and budget management to a simple shoulder to cry on. My Confetti When you sign up with us you get what’s basically… read more

Wedding Budget

Top Wedding Budget Tips

08/06/14 • Wedding Budget & Costs, Wedding Planning

Use your imagination to make your wedding unique — on a budget! Here are some ideas on how to plan the perfect special day without breaking the bank. Clever ways to keep your wedding budget costs under control Have a traditional wedding breakfast What happened to the morning wedding and traditional wedding breakfast? Plan an… read more