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Money saving tips for brides

Written by    Last updated: July 4, 2007

  • How many people do you need to invite? One of the most expensive parts of the wedding can be the reception – cut down on the guest list if you are trying to save the pennies and invite them to a party afterwards
  • A buffet can often be cheaper than a sit down meal
  • Serve cava in place of champagne to greet your guests and for the toast – no one will mind (or notice!)
  • Get married later in the day – it saves having to feed your guests twice
  • Have the reception and service near to each other to save on transport costs
  • Serve your cake as dessert – choose a chocolate or lemon cake in place of the traditional fruit cake and ask your caterers to serve with fresh cream and berries
  • Get married on a week day – many venues are much cheaper then than at weekends
  • Choose flowers in season – they cost more if they have to be flown in
  • Avoid Christmas and Valentine’s Day – although popular, the costs will go up – flowers in particular are more expensive at this time of year
  • Shop around and compare notes – don’t fall in love with the first place or person you see – you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere
  • Ask friends and family to help – if Aunty Sue is a great baker and Uncle Arthur has a fabulous car, ask them to make the cake/take you to church – decorate with accessories and ribbons from confetti for a truly celebratory touch
  • Make your own stationery ‐ that way you save money and have something very personal to treasure – the Confetti website offers a free print download service
  • Shop in the sales for your outfit – buy shoes and accessories in the annual sales and watch out for local wedding dress designer sales
  • Oxfam now has a fabulous service of second hand and unworn ( sob) dresses
  • Have your dress made by a local dressmaker – look in bridal magazines for inspiration
  • Do take out wedding insurance as this can give you peace of mind should anything go wrong
  • Make your own favours – favour boxes filled with sweets look lovely and don’t take long to do, or make cookies and initial them with your names and the date of the wedding
  • Go natural – there is nothing nicer than a traditional English country wedding – collect old jugs and vases and fill with summer flowers – collect mis matching crockery in one colour theme and turn your reception in to a charming country party!
  • Make your own entertainment – organise a game of cricket in the afternoon and play music through your ipod – ask a friend to help you create your play list and manage it in the evening to save on a dj
  • Don’t scrimp on the photographer – those images will live with you forever – but do shop around for a good deal and get recommendations from friends
  • Recycle – move the church flowers to the reception to be used on the tables or doorways
  • Give home made gifts to your retinue – personalise each one for a truly special gift.

You can find out more on how to save money on your wedding planning in our Wedding Budget and Costs articles.

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