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Client care agreement

Written by    Last updated: September 25, 2006

In providing Wills for you there are a number of service standards and matters which we wish to bring to your attention. These will help to clarify duties we owe to you. They are particular to this service and should be read in conjunction with our standard terms although where they conflict these specific terms shall rule.

Time to Complete

We allocate a target time within which we will try to deliver your Will. Obviously these targets will differ depending on the complexity or accuracy of your instructions; upon any amendments that you may want to make and upon the post, amongst others. Our aim is to keep you advised during this process.

Special Requirements and Mental Health

After the death of a person, sometimes a legal challenge is made to their capacity to have made their Will. Such challenges can be expensive for an estate and time‐consuming and distressing for your beneficiaries and can produce a result which was not intended. Although it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to do so, we recommend that your doctor’s opinion on your mental capacity to sign your Will is obtained if:

  • You are elderly;
  • You are receiving medical treatment for an illness which could affect your capacity;
  • You habitually use alcohol or drugs (whether prescribed or not).

Supervising the Signing

We cannot supervise the signing of your Wills because of the nature of this service. We will, however, provide you with detailed instructions to ensure that the execution is done properly.

Checking the Will and Storage

We will ask for you to return the signed Will to us so that we can make sure that it has been properly executed. Any failure to execute this property could mean your Will is invalid so this is an important exercise. Once done, we can store your Will using our will safe scheme and supply you with a copy.

Customer Enquiries

You may find it simpler to e‐mail your queries to us at; or, for legal queries you can telephone the person who is supervising your Will.

Giving Tax Advice

These Wills are not intended to be tax‐efficient, although they may be so. We will contact you should your Will instructions seem to suggest a more dedicated inheritance tax strategy would be necessary. Where this requires specialist advice then we make a separate charge, but only after informing you and only after you have approved.

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